Thurman Thomas Maduro Cigar Review

ThurmanThomas Maduro

Sheryl from Stogie Boys had sent me a few of these cigars a bit back. After a bit of a hiatus I’ve been trying to catch up on my reviews, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner I know that some husbands may want to give their wives a nice budget stick idea which can be enjoyed both for price and flavor. Being the line from a Hall Of Famer such as Thurman Thomas, one would hope the stick is worthy of his name, I’d say yes.

Construction and Pre-Light;

The Thurman Thomas Maduro was a surprising stick in many ways. The construction, being a “budget cigar” was very good. A few slight veins passed through and minimal wrapper seams. The cigar gave a cocoa aroma and slight earth. The foot offered a hint of spice and more cocoa. A straight cut to the cap and you guessed it, cocoa and a tad of spice.


The Thurman Thomas opened up a little light for me, this had me a little troubled. I’m glad though that I continued on. Later into the first third notes of cocoa and earth began to surface offering a better beginning to the cigar. The first third stayed pretty evenly balanced between these two flavors.

The second third brought more emphasis to the cocoa flavor. The earthy notes were also present, although the focus was the cocoa. Along with the other flavors, there entered a slight note of spice, peppery, but nothing hard-hitting, rather enough to add to the profile. I was surprised at this point by the noticeable changes in the cigar, especially it being a budget smoke.

The final third kept emphasis on the cocoa, now becoming a more dark chocolate note. The pepper was still there, and the earth had faded by now. Cool to the nub and the surprising cigar was no more…

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

Never a big problem with draw on this cigar, may have been a little loose here and there but never stayed that way for too long.

The burn was another surprising factor, almost a perfect burn line for most of the cigar. In the final of the second third I gave it a quick shot with my lighter to keep things even, but nothing troubling at all.

The ash was a salt and pepper gray, and held on for at least an inch before falling into my ashtray. Great tightness throughout the cigar.


A good amount of budget friendly sticks exist in this broad market. The Thurman Thomas Maduro is most likely one of the most flavorful in that category, in my humble opinion. The first third, as stated, starts a little light but don’t let it sway you, flavors pop a bit into this cigar. Along with this cigar being extremely affordable, there are a few specials available with it on Stogie Boys. Whether you want to give your wife an affordable gift idea or just grab a few sticks that won’t hit your pocket too hard and offer some good flavor, I think this is the ticket. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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