The Smoking Greek’s Top 25 of 2012

Top 25 2012

Before starting off please allow me to thank all who have taken an interest in my site, you are the reason I do it. I love sharing my opinions on great cigars, and building relationships that I hope will last a lifetime, and this site has furthered that enjoyment. Again I thank you, none of this would mean anything without you! On to the list…


 Danno 2012


Nestor Miranda Danno 2012




 Rodrigo Fortaleza


Rodrigo Fortaleza Cinco




 Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso


Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso




 CAO Concert


CAO Concert Solo




Quesada Oktoberfest


Quesada Oktoberfest




 Tatuaje Cojonu 2012


Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Habano




Emilio AF2


Emilio AF2




 Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto


Alec Bradley Connecticut












Roma Craft CroMagnon




Draig K Robusto


Emilio Draig K




 Quesada Q D'Etat Daga


Quesada Q D’ Etat




 L'Atelier 54


LAT 54




 EP Carrillo Cardinal


E.P. Carrillo Cardinal 52 Natural






Ortega No. 10 Maduro



TOP 10


 Emilio Suave


Emilio AF Suave




 Tres Reynas


Tres Reynas




Oliva Melanio


Oliva Serie V Melanio








La Palina KB


La Palina El Diario Kill Bill



Liga Privada L40


Liga Privada Unico L40



Ezra Zion


Ezra Zion Inception



E.P. Carrillo Cardinal Maduro


E.P. Carillo Cardinal 52 Maduro



Cuenca y Blanco

CyB Corona Real


La Duena


La Dueña No. 5

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