The Greek’s Scales Of Justice (Scoring)

I’ve decided to add some numerical scores to the site. They will be based on Construction, Pre Light, Flavor, Draw, Burn, & Ash in the following format…

Construction & Pre-Light 20pts (Each worth 10)

Construction will focus on aesthetic presentation, i.e. veins, wrapper seams, soft spots and packing.

Pre-Light focusing on the aroma from the cigar.

Flavor 20pts

This section will focus on overall flavor, complexity, and balance. Complexity however, will not take a huge toll on points, because let’s face it a complex cigar or a cigar offering only a few flavors may be equally as enjoyable depending on the overall flavor offered.

Draw 20pts

How easy was it to smoke. Too tight, too loose?

Burn 20pts

How was the burn? Even? Sharp? Canoeing? Did I waste a lot of time correcting?

Ash 20pts

How well did it hold? Were there flaking and or flowering issues? How far did it hold?

It seems to me a simple system and one that will get the “job” done. I hope you all enjoy, and remember, comments are always welcome, after all, I’m sharing my opinion and would love to hear yours!


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