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Review Tres Reynas Robusto

Collaborations between two great cigar companies can only mean one thing, a great cigar. Quesada and My Father Cigars are pretty much usual suspects in my humi, so in hearing about a joint project, I was more than eager to see what would be the result.

The construction of the Tres Reynas looked exceptional. A nice oil to it, and extremely thin veins that were hard to see with the dark chocolate looking wrapper. It felt packed well, with no identifiable soft spots. A sniff of this beauty gave me chocolate, coffee, and a barnyard sense. The foot offered some spice along with chocolate, and some slight wood notes. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw released more chocolate, coffee, and woods.

The first third began with a nice blast of pepper for me, though it only stayed strong through the first few puffs. After the initial pepper introduced was the chocolate, which took on a more dark chocolate flavor, a touch of coffee, and a small hint of wood. The cigar burned beautifully revealing a dark gray ash that held extremely firm. The draw was perfect producing a good amount of smoke. So far so good…

The second third really made this cigar for me. All of the flavors were present but seemed to be more prevalent than before. The dark chocolate was pleasantly sweet. The coffee added a sort of bitter taste that “evened” out the sweetness. The wood kicked in at the perfect time enhancing the flavor profile. The pepper was pretty much gone.  The burn, ash, and draw all stayed exquisite. I did end up a little thirsty at this point, as the smoke had taken on a more dry feel. The cigar temp stayed perfect throughout.

The final third kept true to the flavors, not too much of a change in the profile.  The pepper was all but an afterthought now. No problem taking this baby all the way to some burnt finger tips and lips.

In my humble opinion, this cigar was an absolutely amazing smoke. It is, without a doubt, box worthy. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you give it a smoke, you will not be sorry. I also think I remember reading that it will be limited, so waste no time, I know I’ll be getting more! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan