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San Lotano Maduro Toro

A.J. Fernandez has established many times that he is a master blender. The San Lotano brand falls right into line.

The pre light draw notes coffe, cocoa, and some spice. The construction is a box pressed smoke with no oil that I could notice. It had a dry feel to it.  A straight cut to the cap with my Xikar scissors and I’m ready to smoke. Upon lighting the cigar I’m greeted with the same notes as with the pre light draw. Coffee, cocoa, and the spice. The spice was a big part of the finish.

The first third went fairly well. An ample amount of smoke was being produced, the draw was perfect, and the flavors stayed as a constant. The burn was pretty good, but every now and again I needed a little touch up. I’ve noticed from cigar to cigar that oils being less present seem to affect the burn. I may be wrong, just something I think I’ve noticed. The touch ups were minimal and didn’t hinder my enjoyment of this stick.

The second third was pretty much in line with the first. Good smoke production, the same flavors as before, and a touch up here and there.

The final third seemed to diminish the cocoa flavor and added a more leathery finish. The coffee is also a little more bitter and the pepper is still there hitting the back of my throat. No problem taking it down to the nub. This cigar, aside from the few touch ups, was a great smoke from beginning to end. I’m looking forward to picking up some more, and also trying the rest of the line as I’ve heard many good things.

As always I thank you for reading, and long ashes to all!