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Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador Filero Cigar Review

Namakubi Ecuador

I should begin by telling you that if you’ve considered trying this cigar and still are not convinced, stop reading this review and go grab some now, come back to the review later. They are limited, and from what I’ve been told, flying off the shelves, and rightfully so. Matt Booth has another gem of a cigar with this offering.


The Namakubi Ecuador sports the Habano wrapper also used in the OSOK, and the same for the binder, the authentic corojo. The filler is a mix of Honduran and Dominican.

Construction & Pre-light;

The Filero is a neatly shaped figuroa with a nice fuse, if you will, at the end.  The cigar gives off some coffee, leather, and spice. A straight cut to the cap yields coffee, wood, leather, and spice.


The Ecuador begins with a significant amount of wood and coffee accompanied by pepper. Right from the start I sensed that this cigar would be full in flavor and strength. The wood and pepper took the primary roles until a good bit into the first third. At that point the coffee offered a nice note adding to the wonderful flavors already experienced.

The second third saw the pepper diminish slightly. Added to the profile were notes of cocoa that never overpowered, yet added a nice sweetness to this powerful blend. Midway into the second third is when I began to pick up leather notes, of which became more prominent. The pepper had been leaving its mark on my palate from the start. Great smoke thus far.

The final third saw an increase in the leather presence along with the pepper. All other notes seemed to take the back burner, yielding to the leather and pepper. An absolutely dynamite finish to a wonderful smoke. Cool to the nub and delicious as well.


The Namakubi is a box worthy smoke for me. Having smoked two of the Filero’s I grabbed a box of the Chingon vitola as it was the only one available at my B&M. The Filero is supposed to be coming back in as well, and I’ll have no problem opting for a box of them as well. The flavors of wood, coffee, leather, cocoa, and pepper are wonderfully presented in this cigar from start to finish. I see many more of these in my future. Yet I feel that if you are a more mild smoker you should be warned from now that this cigar packs a punch, and a very enjoyable one IMO. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan