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Review Quesada Oktoberfest Das Boot 2012

It’s a great time of the year for many things, beer, food and of course cigars! If you’re the type that gets into the many blends available during Oktoberfest, look no further for the cigar to pair. I recently ordered a few of these from the Pipes and Cigars website. They came in and I got to smoking.

The cigar is very well constructed, feeling packed tightly in the hand. The wrapper is dark with some light oils and slightly veiny. Pre light sniff offers a certain sweetness and woody tones. The foot gave some very light spices, wood, and sweetness. The cold draw offered much of the same. Toasting time, smoking time.

The cigars began with a great draw, almost effortless. A greetings of mild spice, woods, and that sweetness, I’d say maybe cinnamon. The first third is a fantastic blend of all of the flavors. The burn was even, producing a nice white ash with a little salt and pepper look mixed in. The draw stayed nice producing ample aromatic smoke.

The second third didn’t see too much of an evolution in flavor. All tasty notes stayed pretty much on key. The spice may have subsided a bit but was still in play. The ash stayed nice and strong after my first tap into the tray. Draw was great and still a good amount of smoke.

The final third takes away most of the spice. The sweet cinnamon taste became a little more dominant along with the woods. This became a very attractive finish, staying beautifully smooth, and cool to the touch. Took this one as close to the lips as I could and left the rest for the tray.

Great smoke, and a great pair to your favorite beverage focused on the festivities of the season. I myself will definitely be considering a box while they last. With all of the good smokes lately I may need to invest in another humidor though. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan