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Nomad Renegade Cigar Review

Nomad Renegade

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win a few of these babies along with a very nice Xikar Executive II lighter from Fred (@GodFadr) Rewey. He is also an interesting character to follow on twitter, and I think it would be quite something to have a drink, or two, with him. I also applaud what his company stands for in the sale of their cigars. There is nothing better than supporting your local B&M, which is what Fred wants to enforce. Read here… http://nomadcigarcompany.com/store/

The Renegade is to be compared with a Robusto size, although I found it a little bigger, but not in a negative way. The construction was very good, a few prominent veins, but nothing that worried me.The wrapper seams were just about invisible, a great feat that I commend.  A pre-light sniff gave some earthy tones, and hay. the foot gave a little spice, hay, and sweet grass. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offered earth, sweet grass, and wood tones.

The first third opened up with a blast of sweet grass, and spice that reminded me of white pepper. After a few puffs it calmed and gave a more balanced approach to the profile of sweet grass, white pepper and earth. This profile was prevalent through the first third and very tasty. These flavors combined built a creamy enjoyable finish.  The draw was perfect, offering a billowing amount of wonderfully scented smoke. The burn was some of the best I’ve seen, almost razor sharp ending in a beautiful white ash that held very strong for at least an inch.

The second third was pretty much within the same profile. The notes of sweet grass and white pepper were dominant with earth joining at times. Towards the end of the second third though, I began to notice a sense of oak joining the party. A welcome addition and had me interested in the final third. The creaminess was still present.  The draw, still perfect, the burn and ash equally impressive. Thus far the cigar was a medium- medium full bodied smoke.

The final third would have it change as I suspected, to give more emphasis on the oak I noticed. The grass and pepper gave way, but still played a roll. The oak gave the profile a fuller feel and added some weight to the creamy finish. A splendid cigar definitely. No problem nubbing this baby, and again the nerves in my fingers get a burn.

An excellent beginning to a company that I will have my eye on in 2013. If not for Fred’s character, or his effort to support B&M’s, it will also be for his future offerings. I believe that Nomad Cigar Company will be one to grow in the year(s) to come, and deservedly so. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan