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Nestor Miranda Special Collection Danno 2010 Rosado Oscuro

I first have to thank Tim Kime, a friend from Old Havana Cigar Co.,  for gifting me this cigar. I have enjoyed many a cigar in the Nestor Miranda blends and couldn’t wait to smoke this one. I also understand that this stick has probably been reviewed plenty, but I couldn’t help it. I had to talk about it…

The construction of this beauty was excellent. Minimal veins throughout, and a nice tight feel. Some oil present on the wrapper. The foot gave me some sweet tobacco notes, a slight sense of manure, and some woodsy notes as well. The pre light draw was easy, and gave me a creamy sensation. A cut to the cap and we’re off.

The first few puffs were absolutely divine. A creamy sort of base with some slight coca mixed in a dash of spice, and a woodsy taste. The flavors were cavorting around my pallet in a beautiful symphony. The first third was absolutely intriguing. The burn was perfect. Bountiful amounts of smoke being produced, and the draw was superb. The ash held on nice and strong and was light gray in color.

The second third kept all flavors in their perfect place. The spice adding a nice touch at the finish. A little further in and I began to detect a slight leathery taste in the finish. A very welcome addition but at this point very slight. A few touch ups here and there were required but nothing terrible, and with a cigar this size I’d almost expect it. I am enjoying this smoke immensely!

The final third now says goodbye to the spice. The leathery finish is more dominant and also some cedar is present. The cocoa has pretty much faded as well. I had to touch up once more but no bother like I said before. After almost two hours and my cigar was a nub.

Now comes some sadness. Realizing this was a limited release is starting to set in, and also an understanding that limited releases can sometimes bring some great smokes! This was one of them, and also one of the best cigars I’ve had the honor of enjoying. I also noticed in my humidor that this was the last of my Nestor Miranda blends, so I have to get to my favorite place and grab a few! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan