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Review Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso

Another first for me. I’ve heard some good buzz as of late surrounding these cigars. Needless to say when a cigar has a good amount of buzz around it, I choose to pay attention. Add to this that I had to wait for a bit for one of my local places to get it in, my curiosity was peaked.

The construction of this cigar was pretty good. it was a bit toothy with a few prominent veins, but nothing that really took away from it. The cigar was packed well from foot to nub giving me no soft spots. The pre-light sniff offered up some leather, spice and some wood notes. The foot gave some more spice, and wood. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave a dominant sense of leather and wood.

The first third greeted me with hints of all flavors. It seemed that everything was present, yet muted. The leather was there along with the wood notes that took on a more oak flavor. The spice also present, taking on a cinnamon taste. The burn was just about straight, a tad wavy at times, ending in a beautifully strong salt and pepper ash. The draw was perfect producing a great amount of flavorful smoke that I actually received a few compliments on.

The second third is where this cigar really began to shine. The leather became the dominant flavor amping up greatly. The oak was right behind it, adding itself to this delicious profile. The cinnamon stayed in the back end of things, but was such a beautiful compliment to the rest of the smoke. The burn stayed as before, no touch ups required, and the ash held strong. The draw, as perfect as it was, kept effortless, continued with the flavorful smoke.

The final third didn’t see too much change in the flavor department, all flavors stayed in play and made this cigar nub without a problem.

All in all I’m glad I finally got a chance to smoke this cigar. It is an absolutely excellent offering by Nat Sherman International. If you haven’t already, grab a couple and give them a smoke. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan