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Los Regalos Quetzal Toro by Emilio Cigars

Los Regalos Quetzal

I, as many others, have enjoyed the continued progression of the fine people at Emilio Cigars. If you’re familiar with Gary you know that aside from his passion for cigars, he is an avid birder, hence the story behind this line. The Quetzal being a bird from Mayan culture, held in highest esteem, and “Los Regalos” meaning the royals. Also, if you’re looking how to pronounce it, ask Gary, I have no clue.


The Los Regalos Quetzal details were to be a mystery as Gary loves keeping everyone guessing. After William Cooper first wrote up the cigar, Gary let the cat out of the bag. Review here; Cigar-Coop Los Regalos Queztal. So we now know that the Quetzal sports an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican.

Construction and Pre-Light; 17/20

The cigar was a fabulous looking one, one or two noticeable veins, and some wrapper seams. It felt packed well, no soft spots and brandishes a nice looking band featuring the name, company name, and a depiction of the Quetzal. Unique as usual. Smelling the cigar left me with notes of wood, earth, and sweetness. The foot offered much of the same. A straight cut and the dry draw was woody, sweet, and a soft spice.

Flavor; 18/20

While I noticed only one significant change in the cigar, it holds back no flavor. The first few puffs immediately gave me the notice of what would be the cigar’s core flavors of oak, pepper, and a slight cocoa note. In the first third the dominant flavors were of the oak, cocoa, and spice. The most notable of these were the oak and spice leaving the cocoa as a nice hint throughout the first third.

The second third kept up with the great flavors. In this third the cocoa diminished substantially and introduced a more floral note which became the more noticeable of the flavors. The oak being more of an accent and the pepper reserved for the finish.

The final third stayed with the profile formed in the second. The floral, oak, and pepper all playing roles. A very flavorful finish to a flavorful cigar. No trouble in nubbing.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was fantastic, each pull offering a plentiful amount of smoke. 20/20

The burn was almost razor-sharp, some of the best I’ve seen. 19/20

The ash held strong, well past the inch mark only yielding to my tap into the ashtray. 19/20


I venture to say that this cigar is, if not the best, one of the best I’ve enjoyed in the ever-growing blends offered by Emilio Cigar. While the transition complexity wasn’t a big factor, the flavor more than made up for it. The oak, pepper, floral, and cocoa notes offered an extremely flavorful experience from beginning to end. This is one that I’m sure I will revisit often, and will grab a box for some aging as well. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all. -Evan


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