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Review Liga Privada L40 by Drew Estate

With such a successful line and campaign of cigars Drew Estate has become a staple on the palates and minds of many a cigar smoker. A recent gift bag, from my good friend Tim Kime of Old Havana Cigar Co., included one of these beauties. Yes, by using beauties I’ve given way that this will be a good review, so if you don’t agree save yourself the time, unless you’d like me to change you mind.

The construction of this cigar is absolutely stellar. It was packed perfectly and had a nice feel in my hand. It had a nice sheen to it, along with few noticeable veins. The pre-light sniff gave some cocoa, earth, coffee, and spice. The foot gave much of the same with a little more spice. A cut to the gorgeous cap and the dry draw gave earth, spice, cocoa, pepper, and sweet tobacco. Tantalized I began my experience.

The first third began with a wonderful blast of pepper. Smoke was billowing from this baby right away. Cocoa was also another dominant note in this third. Accompanied to the other flavors was a nice sense of earth, and a great amount of dark chocolate, almost bitter. The burn was fantastic, razor sharp, producing a gray ash that held strong. As I said, the smoke was ample and aromatic. My experience started great.

The second third was a beautiful transition. The dark chocolate gave way and seemed to transform into a dark coffee bean flavor, absolutely splendid. The earth and pepper were still great notes at this point. Also joining the profile was a hint of leather. Half way through the second third the pepper died down, giving more emphasis on all other flavors. The burn, draw, and ash have performed spectacularly.

The final third made little transition but became a little more smooth. It was no problem taking this down to the absolute nub, yet being left a little bummed till I can smoke another.

A dynamite offering from Drew Estate that delivers from start to finish. If you haven’t had the chance, please do so soon, you will not be sorry. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan