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Leccia White 552 Cigar Review


Having recently enjoyed the Leccia Black extremely, I highly anticipated getting right into the other part of the lineup. The Leccia White. The release is exactly as one would imagine, Black and White, night and day.

The Leccia White is comprised of another unique blend. It sports an African Sun Grown wrapper, binder from Ecuador, and fillers of Nicaraguan Ligero, and Pennsylvania Seco.

Construction & Pre-Light; 17/20
The Leccia White was another beauty. The cigar felt well packed, no soft spots detectable. I found maybe one vein, and no wrapper seams. A sniff of the cigar served up some wood and earthy notes and a hint of sweetness. The foot offered the same wood and earth, with an addition of spice. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave me cedar, spice, and the sweetness seemed a little more like coca.

Flavor; 19/20
The White began with an enjoyable burst of flavors. Cedar and pepper played the initial roles. The first third of the cigar stayed pretty much with this profile, and right before delving into the second third I noticed some of the cocoa flavor coming through adding a sweet note to the cigar. This added a lovely dimension to the White.
The second third eased in with the tasty notes of cedar, pepper, and cocoa playing well balanced roles making the cigar extremely enjoyable. Throughout most of the second third all flavors stayed in play and the Ligero was doing its part adding just the right kick to the cigar. Towards the end of the second third the cocoa began to ease out of the profile, accentuating once again the cedar and pepper.
The final third was a nice woody and peppery finish. By no means did I find it too strong, even as the Ligero once again was adding the right kick. The finish was a flavorful one forcing me once again to take the cigar as far as possible and enjoying every minute of it.

Draw, Burn& Ash;
The draw was perfect. It offered with each pull, a plentiful amount of delicious smoke, hitting the palate and leaving a lasting impression. 20/20

The burn was up there with the best of them. An almost razor-sharp line from foot to nub. 19/20

The ash as strong as they come holding well past an inch, and probably would’ve held on longer had I not tapped it into my tray. 19/20

I said in the Black review that should one enter or re-enter a business there is a way to do it. This debut line proves that Sam Leccia knows exactly how to do it. Not one, but two cigars, completely different, and both amazing cigars to smoke. Their unique blends are sure to attract many a smoker. The White was a fantastic journey of cedar, pepper, and cocoa, all playing dynamite roles, balancing to each other at just the right moments. It was truly an enjoyable experience, and I made the same mistake with these as well, only got a five pack. I’ll be logging on to Smoke Inn soon enough to procure a box of these beauties as well. I’d love to see what some age does to both. Bravo Sam and welcome back! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


The Greek’s Scale Of Justice;

(Final Rating)


Leccia Black 552 Cigar Review

Leccia Black

Sam Leccia is a person not unfamiliar to many a cigar smoker. If you’ve followed him from his days at Oliva, you know also that he is no stranger to making blends that have an impact, something you don’t forget. His resurgence into the cigar business brings with it that special flare that I, personally have become accustomed to. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam a long while back at my local B&M, Old Havana Cigar Co., at an event where he was rolling cigars, handing out signed swag, and just simply hanging out with the whole crew. He had left an impression on me then, as a guy who knows his cigars, has faith in what he does, and quite simply is a great person, and this all shows in his work.


The Leccia Black is part of the “debut” line of Black and White, both as the name suggests, with different characteristics. For this review I went with the 552. The Black sports a Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Rosado Binder, and fillers of, Nicaraguan Ligero, Dominican Ligero, Brazilian Viso, and Dark Fire which is fire-cured.

Construction & Pre-light;20/20

A beautiful cigar to look at, with minimal veins and no visible wrapper seams. The band is catchy as well, distinct with Sam’s signature. The cigar felt packed extremely well, and looking at the foot reveals the dark fire tobacco mixed in with the other fillers. Sniffing the cigar brings a wonderful array of flavor, with a predominance of the fire-cured notes reminding me of a campfire, or wood fired BBQ. The foot offered much of the same along with pepper notes. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offers pepper and fire-cured notes.


The Leccia Black is personally one of the more unique cigars I’ve had the pleasure to smoke. In sensing all of the unique attributes during inspection of the cigar, I was really excited to see what came into play. It all did. The first third greeted me with pepper notes, and the fire-cured tobacco front and center. Imagine a smoky BBQ taste, the smell of a wood-fired BBQ or as I’ve seen it put a campfire. These were the primary notes upon lighting and through the first third. I almost wished it were a cooler night when I’d smoked it. It gave me the feeling that smoking this on a brisk evening would leave one with the sensation of warmth, and enjoying the smell of a roaring fire, yet without the fire, as I was holding it in my hand. Don’t leave me yet, I’ll ease up on the sentimental aspect soon enough.

The second third saw the pepper mellow out slightly, and the fire-cured notes were there and still dominant. In the second third I noticed more of a natural tobacco coming thorough, offering a mellowing note, almost sweet but tangy. The natural tobacco, Dark Fire, and pepper were well-balanced and offered a beautifully unique profile.

The final third saw the pepper pretty much fade away, and I was left with the Dark Fire tobacco and natural tobacco to the absolute nub of the cigar. The balance between the two was something I didn’t expect. I figured the cigar would be a spice bomb towards the end, but on the contrary it was a strong fire-cured flavor with the natural tobacco offering a mellow accent, simply put, it was fantastic. Each time I’ve smoked one, I’ve taken it as far as possible, I just didn’t want to stop smoking.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was flawless, great amount of smoke from each pull. 20/20

The burn as straight as they come, almost razor-sharp. 18/20

The ash was superbly strong and held steady. If memory serves I tapped only twice. 19/20


When a person either begins a new business or comes back to something they’ve been away from, you’d expect a dazzling aspect. Something that will make you remember, and want to come back for more. I find this the case in the Leccia Black. Its unique blend of fillers, gorgeous wrapper, and the bomb of flavors is one that you can’t forget. I for one am kind of kicking myself that I only ordered a five pack of these from Smoke Inn, a mistake I will be correcting soon. The Leccia Black left me anxious to try the White, and also hopeful for more great blends from Leccia Tobacco. If you’re someone who enjoys the mentioned flavors, I’d suggest grabbing some, I see these flying off the shelves. For me it has to be one of the most, if not the most, unique cigar experiences I’ve had to date. Definitely the most unique this year. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

The Greek’s Scale Of Justice;

(Final Rating)