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Review L’Atelier LAT 54

It’s no secret that Pete Johnson is a blender that knows his stuff. It is also no secret that the Garcia family knows how to construct a great cigar, add to that mix a wrapper developed by the Oliva family and you’re pretty much guaranteed a home run. It absolutely was. The vitolas and style of the cigar are a tribute to the Cohiba Behike, which for me, adds more allure to it.

The construction of this beauty is gorgeous, a caramel brown wrapper, minimal veins, no soft spots and packed well. The pre-light sniff offered up some barnyard aromas, nuts, and some tea. The foot intensified the barnyard smell along with a hint of spice, and tea. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave creaminess, nuts, and hay.

The first third greeted me with a blast of flavors. The nuts, tea, and cream made up an absolutely delicious flavor profile. There was a slight spice to it that was generally reserved for the palate. I expected the traditional Pepin pepper blast, but was pleased by the more medium bodied profile. The burn line was just about perfect, producing a light gray ash that was a little flaky, yet held on very strong for over an inch. The smoke bellowed from each puff as the draw was excellent.

The second third added a slight wood note, maybe cedar. I’ll have to smoke another and see if my senses were correct, which I’ll have no problem doing. The tea became more of a player in the second third, taking on a more dominant presence in the profile. The nuts and creaminess stayed in play with great balance. The burn stayed beautifully straight, the ash strong, and the draw perfect.

The final third didn’t see too much of a change in flavor. The only two problems I had now were, one, coping with the fact that I’d be burning my fingers and lips, and two, I have to say goodbye for now.

What a splendid cigar! I’m glad I opted for a 5 pack as my first purchase. A box is an easy decision, as this cigar is delicious, and the price point is excellent. Try it friends, you’ll love it! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan