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La Hermandad Costa Fuerte Cigar Review

La Hermandad Costa Fuerte

A recent gift bag of goodies from Vikki at PDR Cigars landed me this new beauty by El Primer Mundo, the La Hermandad Costa Fuerte. Having heard good things about El Primer Mundo and PDR I looked forward to smoking after a few days rest in the humi.


La Hermandad is composed of an array of various areas. The wrapper is  5 year aged Bahia Brazil, the binder Dominican Olor. The fillers a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan consisting of Corojo 2006 of the Dominican, and Crillo 98 of Nicaragua.

Construction & Pre-light; 17/20

The cigar had a few prominent veins and slightly visible wrapper seams. It had a toothy look and feel, but felt packed extremely well. Sniffing the cigar gave some wood notes and pepper, the foot more of the same. A straight cut to the cap offered a dry draw consisting of wood notes more to the cedar end of things, slight coffee notes, and pepper.

Flavor; 18/20

The Costa Fuerte began a tad light. The first two or three puffs gave me the cedar detected in the dry draw, but it wasn’t till about 5 puffs in that the journey truly began. The cigar’s core flavors made a great appearance. I noted cedar and coffee notes as the primary players, at times joining to form a creamy profile, then yielding to the finish of pepper. The pepper wasn’t terribly strong, yet offered a nice little kick. I figured with the word Fuerte used I’d be getting a bit more… I did later.

The second third stayed true to the core flavors of cedar and coffee, but at times I detected some earthy tones. Then came the pepper, definitely a stronger presence in this third as compared to the first. It was never anything too harsh but added a little more of a kick, which I welcomed and enjoyed.

The final third continued with most of the flavors, save the coffee and earth. The pepper and cedar were still there, and at times I thought I noticed a sweet component. The pepper kept up with the nice strong presence but again never was too much. No problem nubbing this beauty out.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was perfect from beginning to end. Plenty of smoke output. Very enjoyable. 20/20

The burn was razor-sharp for the first and majority of the second third. Towards the end of the second third I did get a little funk going on, a couple of shots with the lighter helped it. The final third burned great. 17/20

The ash was nice and tight for the most part. I experienced a little flaking in my burn troubles, but nothing major. 19/20


La Hermandad Costa Fuerte was a very enjoyable smoke. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for it. I know I will be. I also would like to add, that with a little age, this already really good cigar will be a really great cigar. I see a good amount of them going into my aging humi and my regular rotation as well. I think El Primer Mundo and PDR have a great seller, in my humble opinion. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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