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La Flor Dominicana Oro Tubo Maduro 6 Cigar Review

La Flor Dominicana Oro Tubo Maduro 6

Having smoked the Natural blend in this line, I had high expectations of this cigar. If you’ve smoked it, you already know where this post is heading, if not, and you’ve been considering it, go ahead enjoy it! In truth it exceeded my expectations. Read on…

Construction & Pre-Light;

The Maduro is a beautiful cigar to look at. There was one vein I noticed and a good amount of oil on the wrapper. The wrapper seams were undetectable. The cigar was packed extremely well yielding no soft spots. A pre-light sniff yielded some coffee, cocoa, and spice. The foot offered coffee, spice, and tobacco. A straight cut to the cap gave me coffee, tobacco and spice.


The cigar opened up with a nice mix of coffee, pepper, and some tobacco notes. A little into the first third and the pepper gets a little milder and more focus is on the coffee and tobacco. The cigar also began to gain strength further in.

The second third saw the coffee subside a tad and now chocolate notes became a prominent player in the profile. The pepper stayed mild but still noticeable. A good ways into the second third and the cigar had gained a good amount of strength. The flavors all played into a creamy feel that offered a nice maduro sweetness to make the strength just right.

The final third saw the pepper amp up a bit and the chocolate stayed in the main focus as well. The coffee and tobacco notes were pretty much gone. I had no problem taking this gorgeous cigar down to the nub and enjoyed every second of it.

Draw, Burn, Ash;

The draw was absolutely spectacular from beginning to end, no complaints here at all.

The burn was as good as they come, especially pleasing with a cigar of this size. It was splendidly straight from foot to nub. Maybe two lighter hits in total.

The ash was strong and held extremely well.


Having smoked the Natural and Maduro of the Oro line I’d be hard-pressed to tell you which I enjoyed more. They were both dynamite offerings from La Flor Dominicana. I still have the Chisel resting in one of my humis and am unsurprisingly looking forward to enjoying it as well. As the Maduro goes, it was a nice journey of complexity ranging from coffee, pepper, chocolate, and tobacco flavors. Its strength was also a noticeable factor. The Maduro, as the Natural, is a box purchase without blinking. I’d love to see what age does to these beauties. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan