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Heisenberg By Quesada Cigar Review


Before we start off, I feel that some things should be clear. This review, or my thoughts on the cigar(s) are completely “uncertain.” In the spirit of promoting the greatest aspect of the cigar world, interaction with one another, Quesada gave some of these cigars out for people to share. Terence Reilly had suggested to me that I hand some out and see what others think. As I understand it many of us who were lucky enough to receive these did exactly that. Personally I ended up giving out seven and was left with three. I had no problem in doing this, although, having smoked what I had left, i now can’t wait for the launch.

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which you can see on the box, is the theme of this launch. Embrace Uncertainty is also written on the box. I may be completely wrong, but along with promoting relationships and discussion on the cigar, I believe that Quesada has taken it a step further. My guess is that some of the cigars contained in the box are blended different from the others. If I’m correct, this may be one of the most amazing ideas I’ve personally come across in the industry. The few that I smoked seemed to have different profiles. Two were the same, one was completely different. I caution you this review may be a little different as I’ll be mentioning both profiles. Read and enjoy, and always feel free to ask any questions! As it’s said, Embrace Uncertainty…

Background Info;

None available at this point. I’ll update when details are available. Intriguing isn’t it?!

Construction and Pre-Light;

The Heisenbergs I received were 4×43’s. They felt packed well, a few veins running through, but nothing worrisome. Cigar #1 gave off woods and spice. The foot gave woods, spice, maybe some cocoa, and pepper. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw was of woods, leather, and pepper.

Cigar #2 gave some hay and grass. The foot offered more hay, grass, and spice. Straight cut, per my usual, and the dry draw offered earth, hay, and spice.


Cigar#1, The initial puffs were a mix of deep wood notes and spice. At times I sensed some pepper coming into play. Into the first third the woods stayed heavy and the pepper made more of an appearance. This profile stayed true through the first third.

The second third saw the pepper diminish a little, now replaced with a more prominent note of leather introduced into the blend. The deep wood notes were still the dominant figure in the cigar. At a point in the second third I believe I picked up some cocoa. I wish i could elaborate more on the coca but the other two cigars seemed to have a different blend. This is one of the aspects I’d like to revisit when the Heisenbergs become available.

The final third saw just about everything, save the leather, wood and pepper, completely leave the profile. Smoking this cigar to the absolute last puff was a must.

Cigar#2, This cigar held the notes that I picked up on two of them. The Heisenberg started off with a blend of hay and grass. After the first few puffs there was a spice note introduced. It was peppery, but almost like white pepper. It added an nice heavy finish to the cigar.

The second third stayed pretty much within the profile of hay and grass. At times I picked up some sweetness that I’m still having trouble identifying, another one of the aspects I’d like to revisit.

The final third focused more on earthy tones and grass. Again easy and a must to nub out.

Draw, Burn & Ash;

Both cigars offered a terrific draw, didn’t have to work hard at all.

The burn on cigar #1 took one touch up. Cigar #2 no touch ups. Other than that the burn was very nice. Not perfectly even, but extremely close. If I noticed any swaying, it corrected itself pretty much right away.

The ash on Cigar #1 was a tad weak in the beginning, fell off sooner than I’d hoped. Yet through the second and final third it firmed up.

The ash on Cigar #2 was spectacular from start to finish. No complaints whatsoever.


Should  you like woods, spice, pepper, and cocoa, the Heisenberg has you covered. Should you like earthy tones, grass, and hay, again the Heisenberg has you covered. I really hope that my initial thoughts on the line are true. If so, Quesada has one hell of a release to look forward to. In addition the promoting of discussion, camaraderie, and all of the fantastic things that make the cigar culture what it is, seems to me to be a great tribute to the industry and everyone involved. What a fantastic idea, bravo Quesada. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all!- Evan