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Review Espinosa Habano Robusto

Recently on Twitter, I’d seen a lot of friends talking about this company. I hadn’t tried one yet and looked forward to changing that. Off to Total Tobacco Newtown Square and picked a couple up along with some more beauties you’ll read about soon enough.

The construction of this cigar was good, with no soft spots to speak of and packed well. Minimal veins were apparent yet one prominent wrapper seam was noticeable. No bother on to the sniff which revealed some cocoa, spice, and wood. The foot gave a good amount of pepper and cocoa. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave more coca, spice, and wood.

The first third introduced itself with a generous blast of pepper spice. Intertwined with this was the coca, leaving the wood in the back of things and only a slight sense of it. Through the first third things evened out and more attention was focused on the coca and wood with the pepper coating the palate in the end.  The burn was pretty good, slight at times, ending in a beautifully light colored ash that held very strong. The draw was perfect, expelling a good amount of smoke.

The second third added more presence of wood, which seemed more cedar-like. The cocoa was ever present and the spice reduced its kick and became a bit more mild. The burn and ash stayed steady, and the draw as good as before.

The final third was more pf a pepper blast than I’m used to. Most of the flavors had seemed to fade out yielding a very strong finish that commanded a drink in my hand. I have another resting so I’ll be interested to see how time plays it’s role with this smoke.

I enjoyed this cigar, and at the price point it’s a sure seller. The finish was a little stronger than I expected, but this may have been due to me not letting it rest. I’ll update when I smoke the next one. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan