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Epicurean Cigars Gonzo Santeria Cigar Review

Gonzo Santeria

I’m pretty sure Gary’s trying to put a spell on me, as a matter of fact on the cigar industry as a whole. Steven Ysidron has aided him with the creation of the Epicurean Gonzo Santeria. It’s no secret that the House of Emilio has become a powerhouse with a portfolio that will knock your socks off. So how do you think the addition of this cigar will do? Read on for my personal opinion of it…


The Epicurean Cigars Gonzo Santeria is a Nicaraguan cigar composed of a San Andres Wrapper, Double Binder of San Andres and Jalapa, and the filler consists of 2009 Nicaraguan Jalapa and Condega. The cigar is of course distributed by the House of Emilio and available on the Cigar Fed Store.

Construction & Pre Light;

I smoked the Heina, 6×52 box-pressed Toro for this review. The cigar displayed some visible veins and wrapper seams, no soft spots. A sniff of it offered some spice and cocoa on the nose. The foot gave a bit more spice, cocoa, and earthy tones. Lighting was a cinch on I was off…


The Santeria started off with primary notes of coffee, cocoa and earth. Also present were subtle notes of pepper spice and a dried fruit note. The pepper was a little more noticeable on the retrohale. The coffee, cocoa, and earth were the most prominent throughout the first third for me, coca being the lesser of the flavors. The pepper and dried fruit were there but stayed in the background.

The second third saw a rise in the pepper spice and coca. These flavors replaced the dried fruit which had faded into the background. I picked up extremely slight notes of the fruit here and there but it had all but gone later in this third. The cocoa, pepper, and earth became the primary players in the second third, with the coffee following a close second.

The final third saw the earth, spice, and coffee become the primary notes. The fruit, and coca were all but a memory. The cigar was a definite nub-worthy smoke.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was great from beginning to end. Never too loose or too tight. Great smoke output.

The burn was excellent. Not exactly razor-sharp, but nothing that required any attention.

The ash held strong for about an inch or so in, after that it only yielded to my tap of the ashtray.


Epicurean cigars has a home run of a cigar here. The complexity, flavor, and strength were all superb. It kept things interesting from foot to nub. I look forward to getting some more of these to enjoy in what hopefully will be upcoming cigar-friendly weather. The only issue I have is the 50 count box. I’m personally not one to buy more than a box of 20 or so at a time, but that’s me. I will without a doubt be purchasing a couple of 5 packs to smoke and stash away to see what age does. The House of Emilio has a great addition to their already robust portfolio with the Gonzo Santeria. Again don’t forget their available on the Cigar Federation Store. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

The Greek’s Scales of Justice;

Final Score;