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E.P. Carrillo Cardinal 52 Natural Cigar Review

It usually takes me a few days between smoking and reviewing, I broke that chain today. It’s no secret that E.P. Carrillo is a company that knows how to make an excellent smoke. The New Wave Connecticut was a subject of review for me a little while back, link here. It was one of few Connecticuts that changed my view of Connecitcuts. Needless to say I knew roughly what to expect with this cigar, yet it proved I knew nothing.

The construction of this cigar is nothing short of spectacular, very minimal veins noticeable, and not a vision of wrapper seams. The cigar is packed beautifully with no soft spots. The pre-light sniff left me with senses of grass, spice, and cedar. The foot expelled spice, cedar, and grass. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw adds leather to the family of flavors along with grass, and a hint of cedar.

The first third of this cigar was an absolute dream. The first few puffs gave a little more spice than I am used to with a Carrillo but faded just as fast. While the pepper faded the flavors of grass, and cedar came front and center. The grass was more of the sweet side and the cedar was just enough. The flavors all together were gorgeous and creamy on the palate.  The burn was fantastic ending in a light colored ash that was firm and held on for a great while. The draw was perfect producing an abundant amount of savory smoke. The beginning had me intrigued, and it only got better…

The second third was an evolution of decadence. The grass seemed to be a bit more on the dominant side, and the cedar still the perfect amount. Introduced now to the profile were nut flavors. The profile now was more unbelievable that the first third. The burn and ash were as perfect as before and the draw stayed exceptional.

The final third kept true to the grass and nutty flavors. the cedar faded a good bit and gave way to the leather I sensed in the dry draw. The cigar, at this point, was full strength, nothing that made me flinch, but full bodied and delicious. For most of the cigar the medium to full strength was the focus but now it had changed. Burning my lips and finger tips was my pleasure and seemed it would’ve been an insult not too.

I only bought a five pack of these, I should’ve bought a box. I can’t stress enough how excellent of a smoke this was. If you haven’t I’d highly suggest getting your hands on some soon. I’m also excited to try the Maduro Cardinal, and I know it will be another review already. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan