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Review Emilio Draig K Robusto

When a company makes a good product, it of course is very easy to be eager to try everything they have. When a company also incorporates a relationship with their followers, it becomes something more. My personal business is run this way, and it is, by some, an old standard, I don’t agree, it’s something that should never fade away. When a relationship is built work no longer is work. Going in everyday becomes less of a chore, you look forward to it. This sentiment is captivated by Emilio Cigars and all involved with them. Mr. Gary Griffith’s recent appointment of Mr. Nate McIntyre was something that was shared with everyone, not just within the company. Nate’s response and love of the business was also addressed in a blog post that was a great testament to the person he is.  Here’s the link, http://cigarnate.tumblr.com/post/35464400693/now-that-ive-had-time-to-think . I have also had the pleasure of meeting Gary and Alan Price. Gary has also given me many words of encouragement in the past few months since I began this site, whether reviewing his products or not. This cigar also has a touching story behind it, one I think all should read. http://emiliocigars.blogspot.com/search?q=Draig+k

The cigar’s construction was great. A few small veins but nothing that hindered the cigar. The wrapper was for all intense and purposes black, Colombian Cubanito Maduro to be exact. The pre-light sniff offered up some dark chocolate and spices. The foot gave more spice, a little wood, and dark chocolate. A straight cut to the cap and again the dark chocolate and spices are the dominant sensations.

The first third was great introduction to the core flavors of dark chocolate and spices, both playing dominant roles in the profile. At times I also noted the sense of a wood note trying to play in but was very reserved. The burn was a bit wavy but nothing that required correcting at this point. The ash was a dark one in color, a little flaky, but none the less held on strong. The draw was effortless providing a good amount of smoke. The exceptional thing about this cigar was the flavor, tons of it that made it a powerhouse of delicious smoke.

The second third kept the notes of dark chocolate and spices. The spices seemed to move to the back of things. In addition I began to notice some coffee playing into the profile. At some point in the second third I did give a little shot with my lighter to keep things straight, and with that the cigar kept smoking well. Through the second third and final third the flavors stayed oretty much the same. It nubbed beautifully cool and tasteful. Glad I have more. One more point, I’ve heard the Coronas are the best vitola, I’ll have to get them and try them out.

This cigar was another success by Emilio Cigars, and with more lines on the way I look forward to smoking every one of them that I can. In my humble opinion this company is definitely one to keep any eye on because, to date, they have solidified a unique niche in this business with promise of more great things to come. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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