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Emilio Cigars Series H Maduro Review

Tonight’s flavor is a first for me. I have heard some really good things, so I stopped and picked up a few smokes. My choice tonight was the Emilio Cigars Series H Maduro Robusto. Let me say I am so glad I chose this cigar. Read on and I’ll try to convince you.

I’ll begin with the wrapper, which usually isn’t a care for me, but I have to mention it. The print used for the name provided a certain elegance for me. It just was a nice break from a lot of the “bling” you see these days on a wrapper. The band was a mix of black and red design that made me think of classical type times. Simple, elegant, and classic. Again I know this really doesn’t matter to most but I liked it, so I mentioned it. Now on to the smoke…

The pre-light draw was extremely easy, and I sensed some coffee and chocolate, so my hopes were up from the start. Smelling the foot provided me with earthy tones. Lighting the Emilio was as easy as the draw and in no time I was puffing away.

The first third was a great beginning. Dark chocolate and coffee seemed to be the flavors front and center. The background and retrohale offered a nice addition of pepper. The ash is burned at a dark gray, and  held very strong. the burn itself was perfect in every regard, even and producing a great amount of sweet smoke. I also from time to time thought I noticed a sweetness that I’ve yet to figure out. I’ll have to smoke another and observe closer, which at this point I’ll have no problem doing.

The second third was an absolute delight as well. The pepper is still faintly in the background but fading. Replacing the pepper is now some earthy tones. The joy of this is that all of these flavors seem to be dancing together on my palate in perfect balance. The smoke is still at a great level, the ash is holding up well and the temperature is perfect. Have I mentioned I’m really enjoying this cigar?

The final third sees the pepper give way to the rest of the flavors. The chocolate, coffee, and earth are still in perfect harmony. I have absolutely no problem in taking this smoke all the way to the end. My only complaint is that I have to wait until tomorrow for another. The cigar proved to be a medium- medium full body. The Emilio Cigars Series H Maduro Robusto will definitely be a welcomed addition to my humidor family, and rightfully so. As always I thank you for reading, and long ashes to all!