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Review Emilio Cigars AF Suave Toro

I’ve been waiting a while to give these a try. Lucky for me I had a chance to go check out Mr. Gary Griffith’s newest location, Total Tobacco, in Newtown Square Pa. While there, apart from good conversation and joking that seems always to be a part of a visit with Mr. Griffith, I purchased a couple of these along with some other smokes.

The construction of the cigar is beautiful, very minimal veins if any, and packed well. Pre light offered up some sweet notes along with some tobacco. The foot gave off some nutty notes and some more sweetness. A cut to the cap and the cold draw gives sweet notes, some coffee , and a creamy flavor. Toasting time, smoking time…

The first third was an absolute delight. The beginning greets with creamy flavors, nutty notes and a bit of of coffee. The burn was razor sharp, producing wonderfully flavorful smoke, and a light gray ash, that was almost white. The flavors were all together a great balance.

The second third kept all flavors even and delicious. The burn and ash both stayed as perfect as before. The smoke stayed abundant and aromatic. The cigar at this point again was a delight.

The final third was a surprise to me. Usually I’m used to cigars swapping out most of the flavors and focusing on one or two. Not the case. It seemed to me that all flavors stayed as true as when first lighting up. The cigar stayed a medium body throughout. The burn was impecable from foot to nub. Absolutely another great Connecticut to enjoy with a good cup of coffee or whatever else you may desire.

I’ve said before that I’m not the biggest fan of Connecticuts. This marks the second that has me re-analyzing my tastes. It was a pleasure to smoke this cigar and I look forward to more. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all. -Evan