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E.P. Carrillo Core Line Maduro Club 52

It’s been a great week of cigars for me. Some have been tried and reviewed yes, but some have been a first for me and I had to talk about them. Last night I finally had the pleasure of trying an E.P. Carrillo Core Line Maduro Club 52. Another great smoke to remember.

Construction of this cigar was a little new to me. By new I mean the various colors in the wrapper. Chatting with a friend from my local B&M revealed me to the fact that the wrapper was most likely soaked before wrapping. This may be correct, it may not be but I found it interesting. The construction was excellent. Very minimal veins, a very strong feeling cigar in my hands. The foot gave me a sweet molasses type smell along with earthy notes and maybe some coffe. The pre light draw gave off much of the same. The pre light draw was also perfect.

Lighting up this cigar was simple. The first third was an absolute delight. There was the sweet flavor, some coffee, and a very slight spice. The spice wasn’t strong at all and blended around the other flavors. The draw was delightful, producing a perfect amount of sweet aroma smoke. The burn was divine, sharp as a razor. the ash was firm and lighter gray in color. Thus far this smoke has reminded me more of what a Maduro is supposed to be.

The second third was as exquisite as the first. The spice really seemed to fade giving into the beautiful sweetness that has made this cigar unforgettable. The burn has stayed razor sharp, ash as tight as before, and the temperature perfectly even.

The final third stayed excellent. The spice was all but gone, and the sweetness subsided a bit but was still in play. Earthy tones have emerged now but very slightly. I had no problems giving my fingers a nice little toasting in finishing this cigar. To any Maduro lover, if you haven’t smoke one, you’re missing out! This is another beauty that will soon be a box purchase! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan