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Cuenca Y Blanco Corona Real

I have always enjoyed offerings from Joya De Nicaragua so I was undoubtedly excited to try this cigar. Hearing so much about it from IPCPR in various posts and such also peaked my interest. I found some online and placed an order. There will be another order soon…

Inspecting the cigar revealed a beautiful construction, flawless if I may. Minimal veins, a nice amount of oil, and no imperfections whatsoever. The foot offered a nice sweet smell along with tobacco notes. Evident also was some pepper. The pre light draw was smooth, some more sweetness, pepper, and tobacco. A straight cut to the cap and there begins the experience.

The first few puffs gave a lovely mixture of woodsy notes, a lovely sweetness and a finish of pepper. The first third stayed with these flavors and deeper in there were additions. After some time into the first third a wonderful addition of berry was introduced. It blended extremely well with the rest of the mixture. The draw was perfect, just the right amount of smoke, and the ash was firm becoming a nice white color. Thus far the cigar was extremely pleasing and there was so much more left. I would judge it thus far as a medium body.

The second third added again. I was now sensing some chocolate. The berry had subsided a bit, and the woodsy notes were still in play. The pepper stayed at the finish and coated the pallet. The cigar now began to take on a more medium-full bodied feel. The flavors were in abundance and an absolute pleasure. The ash has stayed firm and I’ve only tapped once. The draw, to my surprise, tightened up a bit which I didn’t expect yet welcomed. It really complemented the cigar.

The final third gave way to the more woodsy notes and a bit of leather. The pepper stayed still and was a little more amped up for me. Though the pepper was a little more it didn’t play with the enjoyment, the flavors as throughout the cigar, were in a perfect blend. Each puff greeted with it’s flavors, ended with the pepper, and then transitioned back again perfectly. I would’ve poked a toothpick into the nub to help with the end of the cigar, but it was too special of a smoke for me to alter it in any way. I’ll accept the burnt fingertips for this one!

In conclusion, I have to say this is one of the best cigars I’ve had in a very long time. You can pretty much place bets that this will be a contender for at least a top ten of 2012 in any competition. Mr. Cuenca and Mr. Blanco have an absolute homerun with this offering. I most definitely see a box somewhere in my near future. Do yourself a favor and if your local B&M doesn’t have them on order, ask for them, you will not be disappointed! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan