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Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Medius 6 Review

Being the fact that there was an unexpected monsoon this evening, I’ve used a photo that i snapped off a little while ago. I decided to come home tonight after work, rather than visiting my favorite shop but mother nature let me know that my choice was the wrong one half way home. All I can say is that garages aren’t just a safe haven for cars! Now to the Tempus.

Tempus defined from latin is time. That’s what is needed for this baby, and I don’t mind at all. This offering from Alec Bradley is definitely one of my favorites and a staple in my humidor. The Tempus Maduro Medius 6 has an absolutely beautiful construction. Once lit I pick up an array of flavor such as pepper, chocolate, and coffee. The pepper seems to be the most dominant flavor in the first third of this cigar. The first few draws are a little tight but once warmed up there’s no turning back. The burn is nicely even and the ash holds firm, appearing light gray. The smoke produced has a nice sweet aroma. So far I’d say it’s a medium body.

The second third is even more delightful as the pepper seems to fade a bit and give way to the chocolate, coffee, and some cedar. the burn has stayed even and the ash is still intact. The smoke is a little more ample at this point and it feels to be gaining a little strength. I’d still say medium but I already know what happens later. Speaking also on the time I was about an hour in at this point. Give or take a few, but the relaxation factor that goes hand in hand with cigars has made me not look at the clock and just enjoy my time with this stick.

The final third is a nice little transition as well. At times I sense that pepper from the beginning, though at this point it tastes like it’s blending with the chocolate and coffee, and leaving the cedar for the finish. Smoke is still ample, maybe a little more than previous. Getting to the nub of the Tempus leaves mostly a heavy cedar taste. I also have forgotten to mention that the temperature of the cigar itself has remained consistently perfect. In the end I can rest assured that I should try to have chopsticks or something of the like on hand for the finish of the Tempus, and also as said, time! I may be wrong but I estimate that an hour and a half for every time I smoke one. If you haven’t already please try them, you will not regret it. Thanks for reading and as always long ashes to all!