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Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto Review

Black Friday is well known for shopping till you drop, I personally don’t take part. This past black Friday though, my local B&M, Old Havana Cigar Co. decided to have an Alec Bradley event and who could turn that down. I already had a box of Tempus Maduro on hold for me, but I was excited at the prospect of finally trying the new Connecticut. In attendance was also Jon Lipson, A.K.A The Player, his Road Warrior name. Jon is a cool guy to meet and knows his smokes. He highly recommended the Connecticut, which I understand he has to sell, but he also exuded confidence in his brand which appeals to anyone I think.Now to the cigar.

The cigar’s construction was excellent, few if any veins, packed well from foot to nub, and no soft spots. Pre-light sniff offered up some wood notes and spice. The foot gave much of the same. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave woods, spice, and a slight sweet note.

The first third introduced itself with a generous amount of pepper, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount which after a few puffs in to the first third evened itself out. The wood notes were also at a good level throughout the first third balancing in well with the pepper. A little into the first third and the smoke became creamy and smooth. The burn was a tribute to the construction being almost perfect resulting in a salt and pepper ash that held firm, yet also was the tiniest bit flaky. The draw was nothing short  of fantastic, offering a billowing amount of creamy smoke. Excellent experience thus far, and medium in strength.

The second third and final third were a pretty good comparison to the first in that the wood and pepper notes were the main players in the profile. The creamy part of the cigar also stayed in play, keeping it beautifully smooth and flavorful. Somewhere into the final third a slight sweet note was introduced, slight but welcomed. Through the second and final third  the cigar took on a more medium to full body level.  The burn, ash, and draw stayed exceptional throughout the smoke. Not a problem taking this beauty down to the nub, as it stayed cool to the touch and flavorful to the end.

At the end of the day I was very happy to have finally tried this cigar. It will make for a great morning or early afternoon smoke. I ended up grabbing a box of the Nano’s which I’ll also post a review for. With this and a few other Connecticuts I’ve had this year, I’ve pretty much solidified choices for some splendid morning smokes and have been more than happy doing so. Give them a try I don’t think you’ll regret it! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan