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Review Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro

I have to thank Tim Kime of Old Havana Cigar Co for the text alerting me of the arrival of these. There’s few things that surprise me. When a cigar comes along with a price tag of $5 dollars, I’ll of course give it a fair shake yet not expect much. That said, when a cigar comes along from a company as renowned as Alec Bradley that carries that same price tag I get a little confused. Will it be good? Will it be to the standard that I’m used to from a company as such? How is this price possible? Read on you won’t be sorry.

Inspection of this stick reveals a little bit of a veiny bumpy body. Sun Grown, so I figure hey comes with the territory. The wrapper is a very dark brown. The cigar seems packed well, and oily. Pre light offers up some earthy tones and cocoa. The foot gives a great sense of spice. Straight cut and the pre light draw sends some cocoa, wood, and spice. I’m extremely interested. Toasting it was simple and quick, time to smoke.

The first few puffs were SPICY. Great amount of pepper from the start. Along with it were some slight cocoa notes accompanied by earthy tones. I also believe I detected a slight sense of leather. Having only smoked this one, I’ll have to have another go and update if any change. The smoke produced from the start was ample and easily attainable due to the easy draw. The ash had a light salt and pepper look, and held on pretty well. The first third was a great beginning, in the medium to full body range.

The second third was a lovely transition. The pepper seemed to blend in with the rest of the flavors, taking away the dominance it showed in the beginning, yet still giving a nice kick in the throat at the end. The cocoa has taken on a more dark chocolate flavor, and the earthy tones are also more noticeable. The burn has stayed excellent, and the ash strong as well. The smoke is still at a good amount and the cigar is at perfect temperature.

The final third added some of that leather I sensed before. A pleasant addition. the spice was still present but a lot more on the back end and a little milder. the dark chocolate has stayed in play as the earthy tones have mellowed a bit. No prob in taking this delight down to the nub. I’ll love to see what happens to these with some sitting time in the humi.

All in all this was a dynamite smoke. The price tag, as I said, was unbelievable for a stick with this power. It starts off strong, blends together well, and finishes with excellence. If you like a good kick in the pants smoke, you’ll love this. Although it does mellow a bit, not much, you’re always left with that lovely tingle from the spice that lets you now this smoke is no lightweight. A box will most likely be in order for me. Enjoyed it from foot to nub! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan