Surrogates Bone Crusher Cigar Review

Bone Crusher

L’atelier imports is another company that should stay on everyone’s radar. Since smoking, and purchasing many more LAT 54‘s, I’m excited for what is yet to come. The Surrogates line is a great compliment to their blends. The Bone Crusher is the only I’ve smoked thus far, but I look forward to trying them all.

The Bone Crusher feels like a well packed smoke. A few prominent veins visible, but the wrapper seams weren’t too noticeable. Pre-light sniff offered up some coffee, leather, and a slight dark chocolate note. The foot gave spice, wood, and a little more leather. A straight cut to the cap lets the dry draw offer some wood, spice and leather.


The first third was a surprise to me as it opened up with coffee and pepper, but not the pepper blast I was expecting, but this cigar was a trickster, the pepper I expected snuck up not too long after. Along with the coffee and pepper, I detected some wood notes. Then into the first third the pepper made it’s appearance. The pepper was slight on the draw but ever-present in the retrohale, and also left a good tingle on the palate. The flavors all together ended in a smooth creamy finish.

The second third stayed true to the coffee and wood notes. At times I sensed a small amount of dark chocolate in the profile, but more prominent were the coffee and wood. The pepper seemed to become a bit more mild on the retrohale in this third. It was still evident on the palate, but a tad more mild than before on the palate as well. Towards the end of the second third I began to pick up the leather present in the pre-light. The finish was again creamy and smooth.

The final third said goodbye to the wood and coffee for the most part.  The main focus now was the leather and pepper. The pepper took back it’s dominance on the palate, leaving the tingle again. The leather was the main focus up front, allowing the wood and coffee to make appearances in small doses. The finish stayed smooth and it was a pleasure nubbing this baby out.

Draw, Burn, Ash;

The draw throughout the cigar was perfect, each puff offering billowing aromatic smoke. The burn was almost perfect, a little wavy at times, but I only gave one touch up and it was nothing, a small shot with my lighter.
The ash was excellent. It held strong past an inch. I only tapped twice.

My Conclusion;

The Surrogates Bone Crusher was a flavorful and at times powerful smoke.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t overpowering, but offered just the right amount of kick. Construction, draw, ash, and burn were great.  As I said in the beginning this company is another that should be kept in mind. I’ve enjoyed their offerings so far, and I look forward to the year to come. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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