Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Cigar Review

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Today’s review is of an old favorite and comes to you courtesy of Sheryl over there was nice enough to send me some of these to review. I was happy to do so, because at the same time, I realize that these are probably one of my top picks from the Rocky Patel line.

Background Info;

I smoke the Robusto primarily and also for this review. It measures in at 5.5 x 50. The wrapper is a 12 year aged Honduran Broadleaf. The binder is from Nicaragua, the filler, Dominican and Nicaraguan.

Construction and Pre-Light;

The Vintage 1990 is a box pressed cigar with a slight oily sheen to the wrapper. Very few veins were noticeable on this cigar, and very very light wrapper seams. The cigar felt packed well, no soft spots. The pre-light sniff gave off some spice, and a kind of fruity note. The foot offered more fruit, spice and wood. A straight cut to the cap and I sensed wood and spice.


The cigar started out very mild. No big pepper blast or anything of the sort. Primarily I was noting some wood notes, and fruit. A little ways into the first third and the change is noticeable. A nice amount of pepper spice joins the profile, definitely not a blast, but a nice offering to the blend and now the cigar ends with a creamier finish.

The second third saw the pepper amp up a bit. Again this was nothing intolerable, but just right. The wood notes had also become more prevalent. The fruit note diminished a tad but still made an appearance.

The final third saw the wood and spice as the primary players. The fruit at this point was all but memory. No problem is taking this one down to the nub every time.

Draw, Burn, Ash;

Effortless draw from foot to nub, no extra work here.

The burn was great, not the most perfect burn, but very good. No touch ups from me on this cigar.

The ash is another excellent aspect of this cigar. It was lighter gray in color, and superbly strong.


The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 is an oldie but goodie. It’s  cigar that always has performed well for me and offered it’s core flavors of wood, pepper, and fruit every time. The construction, draw, burn, and ash are pretty much equal every time. Want to try them out? has them at great value. I’d recommend them especially if you haven’t tried them yet. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

6 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Cigar Review

  1. Paul Tyler

    Have you tried the 92? Which do you like better? I keep going back and forth as to which I prefer…both good though!

  2. Josh McCoy

    I have enjoyed the few rp cigars I have tried. I have not smoked this particular one before but it sounds tasty! The fruit notes sound like a tasty treat. I will have to get a few of these 🙂


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