Review Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Habano

It’s no secret that Pete Johnson has a knack for coming out with really fine cigars. The Cojonu releases, in my humble opinion, are a true example of the fact. The 2006 is one of my favorite smokes to date, so needless to say the 2012 was a purchase that required no thought. Picked up one from Total Tobacco and couldn’t wait for the experience.

The construction of the cigar was splendid. There were hardly any noticeable veins and the wrapper seams were extremely well hidden. The cigar felt perfectly packed, some oil present, and no soft spots at all. The pre light sniff revealed some coffee, wood notes, a slight caramel, and a hint of spice. The foot offered coffee, woods, citrus, and pepper. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave some more coffee, citrus, caramel, and wood notes. All of these sensations peak my interest and it’s finally time to smoke.

The first third began with the flavors picked up in the pre light ritual. It opened up with the citrus that took on a lemon flavor that was quite pleasing. The woods were present in the blend only slightly. The caramel was a definite player and also a hint of coffee and pepper. I expected the traditional Pepin pepper blast but it seemed to stay reserved for a good time into the first third. After the pepper made it’s presence a little more defined it subsided and became more of an equal part of the flavors. The cigar was off to an excellent start. The burn was just about razor sharp. The ash was on the lighter gray side, sort of salt and peppery, and held on very well. The cigar produced a great amount of aromatic smoke.

The second third gave more dominance to the lemon citrus flavor, accompanied with the caramel. The pepper stayed at the end of things but still blended well. The coffee and woods were more reserved but still present in the blend. The burn and draw remained perfect, and the smoke as ample as before. The ash stayed strong and only hit the ashtray on command.

The final third saw the coffee and woods take more of the prominent role. The citrus had pretty much faded out for me minus hints here and there. The caramel was all but gone as well. The pepper became a lot more mild giving the cigar an even smoother feel and finish. Absolutely no problem taking this smoke to the nub.

This cigar was definitely another great addition to the Cojonu releases. I will, without a doubt, be enjoying another soon, and with two more types, it’ll be a pleasure. It was an absolutely excellent smoke, giving so much attention to flavor. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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