Review Room 101 Conjura Edition LTD

My first run with Room 101. This particular cigar is blended by Camacho CIgars.  I know, I know, what the hell was I waiting on? Truthfully I have no good answer, so let’s just get right to it.

The construction of the cigar was pretty good. There seemed to be a soft spot on the sides near the band, but nothing that truly ever mattered. There were a few prominent veins along the back of the smoke. The size of this smoke is definitely interesting. The pre light sniff revealed some coffee, earthy tones, and spice. The foot offered some cocoa, coffee, spice, and earth. A straight cut and some coffee, leather, and earth.

The first third began with a good blast of pepper in the first few minutes. The coffee introduced itself early also, being a dominant player to start. the cocoa I sensed at pre light seemed to take on more of a dark chocolate flavor that was a great addition to the profile.  At times I also sensed some cedar trying to break through and was interested to see when it would. The draw was fantastic from the start, providing a great amount of smoke. The ash was a little flaky to start but held on past the one inch mark without a problem. The burn was a tad wavy but nothing that got drastic, and corrected itself quickly.

The second third began by dropping the dark chocolate and adding more cedar to the profile. The coffee stayed, yet was a little more in the background. The pepper had become more diminished and reserved for the finish. At this point I had to give a touch up, but after that the burn became perfect, almost razor sharp. The draw was as fantastic as before. The complexity of this cigar was such a treat. The smoke was plentiful and stayed so.

The final third gave a lot of emphasis to the cedar. The chocolate was all but a memory now, and the coffee was a bit more reserved. The pepper was still in the background, but a lot milder at this point. The cigar stayed cool to the nub and extremely tasty till the end.

I absolutely enjoyed my first run with Room 101. I’m excited to try more of their blends. Following Matt Booth on twitter has also been fun. He seems like a very interesting individual that pours his energy into what he does, and if this is true, it shows in his offering of this cigar. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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