Review Romeo Toro By Romeo Y Julieta

I have to first admit that, other than a cuban a while back, this is my first run with Romeo Y Julieta. I purchased this stick from my local hangout, Old Havana Cigar Co. The band had caught my eye a few times, so I finally decided to pull the trigger.

The cigar is very well constructed, a few noticeable veins, but nothing too problematic. I couldn’t find any imperfections and it seemed to be packed well. Pre light offered up some natural tobacco and a bit of leather. The foot had a hint of leather as well along with some earth. Straight cut to the cap and the pre light draw was simple. Again some tobacco and maybe a hint of spice. Toast it and smoke it…

The first few puffs yielded an excellent draw. Some notes of cedar and leather emerged with a tiny hint of spice. The first third pretty much stayed this way. Great draw, producing plenty of strong smoke. The ash was superbly tight, holding on for at least one and a half inches, and the burn was perfectly sharp. Medium body thus far. A good start, let’s keep it going.

The second third brought the strength level up a bit. The cigar started to take on more of a fuller body. The primary flavor was leather, with a mix of cedar. The spice picked up as well at this point leaving a warm tingle. These changes were very welcome and a nice addition. The burn has stayed perfect along with my second round of ash. By now each puff has brought the strength level up a tad.

The final third was a pleasure in that I felt the leather and cedar were in perfect balance at the forefront. The spice was still saved for the finish leaving the same good tingle on the palate. The cigar stayed nice and cool from foot to nub. The ash was again perfect along with the burn. Another nub for the tray.

This cigar was a very enjoyable smoke for me. If you’re the type that enjoys a nice mix of leather, cedar, and spices I’d highly recommend it. I can guarantee I’ll be picking a few of these up to see how they do with some age. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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