Review Ortega Serie D No. 10 Maduro

Purchased at Old Havana Cigar Co.

Sometime over the summer, there had been an event at Old Havana Cigar Co. featuring Eddie Ortega. I unfortunately had to miss out, but heard how much fun Eddie is, and that his love for cigars is embodied in his product. I also heard he’s really fond of cheese steaks. Hopefully I’ll be able to treat him to one at my shop some day soon. Now for the cigar.

A good looking box pressed smoke. Construction was nice and tight, no soft spots. Minimal veins.  The pre light gave a nice strong spice, a little cocoa and some earth. The foot gave me pretty much the same. A cut with my Xikar Xi3, a little toasting and off we go.

First few puffs and bang, spicy city, especially on the retrohale. Into the first third though the spice seemed to blend in with good balance. Emerging into the first third were notes of cocoa and a little earth to go along with the spice. The burn was even producing a salt and pepper looking ash, and plenty of thick smoke. The cigar was a little closer to full body and an absolutely flavor filled stick.

The second third eased into a more medium- full bodied range. Introduced into the balance was some leather. The leather seemed to phase out the earth and join the balance nicely. The ash stayed nice and tight and the burn was, for the most part, even. The smoke stayed ample and thick.

The final third consisted of mostly leather and spice with a touch of dark chocolate. The cigar stayed at a nice cool temp from foot to nub. The finish was superbly smooth with the spice hitting in the end.

This was a great smoke from beginning to end. Have a drink handy though, as I know I did. I have yet to try the natural, and will be soon. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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