Review Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012

Since smoking the Danno 2010, I was undoubtedly excited to get my hands on the 2012, so when my good friend Tim Kime of Old Havana Cigar Co. sent me a text alerting me to their arrival, I wasted no time.  Aside from this cigar being a delicious blend, it carries a story behind it, being Nestor Miranda’s tribute to his late son. I’ve said in previous posts that details such as these add some allure knowing that the cigar itself has meaning to someone, resulting in maybe some extra special attention. Miami Cigar Company once again nails it with this smoke.

The cigar is a beautifully constructed smoke with a little tooth to it. There were a few small veins throughout, and a very slight oil to the wrapper. The Pre-light sniff was pleasing, giving off some nutty notes, accompanied by some natural tobacco, and slight spice. The foot offered some more tobacco, nuts, and slight spice. A straight cut to the cap and the draw sampled with tobacco and coffee, and spice.

The first third began with some good natural tobacco notes, some coffee, and very slight spice more evident in the retrohale. The nut flavors seemed to be somewhere in there but not a key player yet. The strength seemed to be a little more than the 2010, this I believe being the introduction of ligero in this blend. The burn was just about perfect, producing a light gray ash which held firm. The draw was pretty good, I had to give a double puff hear and there, but nothing troubling, and given the size of the ciagr I wasn’t surprised.

The second third saw the nutty flavors kick into play. The cigar now had all flavors in a wonderfully delicious mix. The strength thus far had proven to be medium- medium full. The coffee notes became a little more subtle somewhere into the second third, but still quite evident. The flavors all playing together were ending in a particularly tasteful creamy finish. The burn stayed as good as before, maybe even a little straighter. The ash held firm again after my first tap into the ashtray. The draw also seemed to open a bit more providing even more beautiful rich smoke.

The final third evolved into more emphasis on the tobacco and nutty flavors. The cigar still provided a creamy decadent finish, and at this point I was glad I picked up more than one. The nub stayed cool and tasty to the last puff.

The Danno 2012 was as much a success, in my humble opinion, as the 2010. This year seemed to add a little more strength to the profile which I personally welcomed. Miami Cigar Company have proven time and time again that their blends are nothing short of splendid, the Danno line is a good testament to the fact. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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