Review Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2011

There is nothing more pleasurable than a bit of nostalgia that can be found in one’s humidor. Yes this cigar may be from a while ago, yet it’s one that I’ve enjoyed over and over, and also realized that I haven’t written about. Time to correct that.

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2011 had just about the best construction you can find. The wrapper seams were pretty much non-existent, and no real noticeable veins. A gorgeous stick from top to bottom. A sniff to the smoke gives notes off woods, earth, slight coffee, and pepper. The foot seemed to accentuate the pepper and also still giving presence to the woods and earth. A straight cut, and the dry draw offers woods, earth, pepper, and hints of sweetness.

The first third introduces with a blast of pepper. The woods and earth are a bit subtle through the first few puffs but present. This cigar lets it be known from the beginning that it is not a cigar for a novice. After a few minutes in, the pepper moves to the back and allows for a transition to some of the other core flavors of the smoke. The woods and earth are now more in play. The draw was absolutely fabulous producing volumes of rich spicy smoke. The burn equally as gorgeous and razor sharp. The ash revealed is a nice light gray and strong holding on for more than an inch.  The strength thus far is full, a drink is a welcome companion.

The second third brought a sweet note to the table. Along with it were notes of coffee. These two didn’t last for me too long, instead the pepper became a dominant note along side the woods. Hints of the sweet note and coffee were present here and there still but the original profile was dominant. The burn stayed flawless as did the draw. The ash was strong as the beginning only falling with a good tap to the tray. Smoke has stayed plentiful. Still in the full strength department.

The final third brought the pepper more to the back again and also mellowed it out a tad. The woods and earth were more balanced as before creating a great finish. The cigar burned cool to the nub and retained it strength profile till the end.

This smoke is one I’ve enjoyed since it’s launch. I stress that this is one I’d not suggest to a novice. Accompanied with a drink of your pleasure, this cigar is a great one to smoke with friends, or just a nice relaxing end to the day. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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