Review Herederos De Robaina

I have enjoyed many offerings from Emilio Cigars throughout this year. The other day during a trip to see a friend, I stopped at Total Tobacco and picked a few of these up. It was another wise purchase.

I selected a Toro for my first smoke. Construction of the cigar was very good with only a few veins noticeable and no soft spots. The milk chocolate looking wrapper gave me a nice whiff of cocoa, slight earthy tones, and hay. The foot offered more cocoa, earth, and pepper. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offered some sweet tobacco, earth, and cocoa.

The first third opened with a good accent of pepper. It was dominant in the first few puffs, along with notes of cocoa and earth. Into the first third the pepper stayed in the forefront. The cocoa and earth were in the profile as well but reserved thus far. The burn was almost perfect producing a gray ash that held tight for at least an inch. The draw on the cigar was perfect. Smoke from puff to puff was ample and aromatic.

The second third gave a transition to the pepper. It faded a bit and gave more accent to the cocoa. The cocoa became the dominant flavor now, adding with it a hint of sweet tobacco. The earth stayed at its pleasing level as before. The pepper was more in the back end of the smoke at this point, but still a nice amount of it.  These transitions were welcome and added a nice feel to the smoke. The draw and ash stayed excellent.

The final third gave more of the sweet tobacco to me. The pepper was again a good player in the profile, and the cocoa was a little more subtle as were the earthy tones. The cigar smoked cool to the nub and, once again, I was impressed.

I’m definitely looking forward to what Mr. Griffith and all the folks at Emilio have in the works. The blends I’ve been lucky to smoke have proved that the company is a boutique blend that is here to stay and pays attention to their product with utmost sincerity. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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