Review Gran Habano Barracuda S.T.K Cigars

The other day I received a surprise gift from my friend Tim Kime of Old Havana Cigar Co. Along with a few other smokes was this, Gran Habano Barracuda. I hadn’t had the chance to try one yet and was happy to do so. The cigar, from what I’ve read is by George Rico.

The construction of the cigar was good. It felt pretty well packed with some visible veins and no soft spots. The stick gave a smell of cedar, a slight barnyard sense, and spice. The foot offered more cedar and pepper. A straight cut and the dry draw reveals cedar, a hint of leather, and pepper.

The first third opened up with a blast of pepper that was a little more dominant than the other flavors. This gave me the sense that I should have had a little more to eat than I did for lunch. A few puffs in and it evened out a bit. The cedar came more into play and along with some other wood notes. The first third pretty much stayed with the mentioned flavors. The burn started out good and was producing a dark ash that looked flaky but held on extremely well. The draw was effortless and expelling ample smoke. The cigar started out in the medium- fuller flavor.

The second third amped up in strength. I was warned by Tim of this and he wasn’t lying. I believe I developed a slight head rush somewhere in the second third. The pepper stayed a key part of the smoke. The cedar became a little more dominant in the second third and also introduced was leather, not too much but enough to notice. The burn became a tad wavy at times but corrected itself without a touch up. The draw stayed good and kept up with the ample smoke.

The final third didn’t see too much in evolution. The pepper subsided slightly, and there seemed to be a creaminess from time to time. It stayed cool to the nub and so ends the story.

I think this smoke is a pretty good offering. The evolution department doesn’t hold too much surprise but the flavors were enough to be an enjoyable cigar, Just be ready for the strength, because in that department it doesn’t lack! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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