Review E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro #60

I think that I was one of many E.P. Carrillo fans that couldn’t wait to give this line a try. When I finally received my order from in the mail my anticipation heightened. The mere size of this cigar is something that needs to be mentioned. Big smoke! Going to try one? Set aside some time to smoke it, you’ll need it.

Construction shows a dark wrapper that is a bit toothy. Veins are present but not over the top. The wrapper was a bit toothy, and some oil present. Pre light offered up some cocoa and woodsy notes. The foot gave some more cocoa, woods, and a bit of spice. A cut to the cap which was interesting as none of my cutters fit perfectly, and the dry draw offers cocoa, woods, spice, and coffee.

The first third began pretty well. Puffing on the cigar produced an excellent amount of beautifully aromatic smoke. The burn started out a little wavy. Notes of cocoa, coffee, and woods were the prominent flavors. In the back end was the spice. The  flavors blended well together and the cigar was hitting the more medium- full body. The burn did require a few touch ups. I’d say this maybe a product of the size of the cigar or I should’ve allowed the cigar to age a little more. This didn’t affect the enjoyment of this smoke for me I must point out.

The second third saw a small evolution in that the spice subsided a bit yet stayed in play. The cocoa, woods, and coffee were still at the forefront. At this point the burn has become a little tighter which was a delight. Plenty of smoke being produced still and the smoke has stayed cool.

The final third didn’t give too much different. Really not a lot to report. The smoke stayed cool to the nub and finished with the flavors all still in the profile.

I enjoyed this smoke and will wait a bit to try the natural. I’d like to see if a little age helps the burn at all. If you’re looking for a solid smoke that offers delicious flavors but not too much evolution you’ll without a doubt enjoy this one. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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