Review Casa Fuente Belicoso

There aren’t too many things better than cigars given as a gift, except a cigar such as this one. My friend Tim Kime of Old Havana Cigar Co. recently had dropped off a few smokes, this being one of them. Let’s get to it.

The construction was nothing short of excellent. The cigar felt packed extremely well. There were a few prominent veins but nothing discouraging. The pre-light offered up some sweet tobacco and nutty notes. The foot gave some pepper, nuts, and more sweet notes. A cut to the gorgeous cap and the draw served up the same flavors.

The first third began with a small blast of pepper that wasn’t strong enough to douse out the other flavors. Along with the pepper was the nut flavor accompanied by some sweetness. The first third held on to this profile for the most pary, the only change being that the pepper died down and moved to the finish. The draw was perfect, with ample smoke hitting the palate.  The burn was of the most excellent I’ve seen, producing a light colored gray ash and pleasingly aromatic smoke that fetched me a few compliments.

The second third continued with the pattern of keeping the pepper in the back end of things, and leaving a warm feeling on my palate. The nuts and sweet tobacco flavors stayed dominant. Somewhere towards the middle of the second third I was treated to a slight addition of cedar, nothing too forward but a nice hint of it to compliment the already delicious flavors.

The final third saw the pepper almost fade completely. The nutty notes, sweetness, and cedar were all playing together creating a smooth flavorful finish. The ash, as I’ve forgot to mention, held on to the band complimenting the dynamite construction of this cigar.

All in all I was extremely pleased with this cigar. It was a gift I’ll have to try hard to repay. While in Las Vegas, it would be a crime not to stop for at least one of these, or many of the other offerings at Casa Fuente. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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