Review Perdomo Habano Maduro Toro

Recently I missed an event at Old Havana Cigar Co. that I was told was a great time and always is when Nick Perdomo attends. I regret it and hope to not miss the next. Being that I knew I couldn’t go, I made it a point to stop by before the event and grab a few smokes. They were highly recommended by many of my cohorts at the shop, including the owner Tony. I’m happy to say they were all indeed correct.

The pre light offered a strong tobacco scent along with a touch of spice and earth. The pre light draw was easy and promising, with what seemed to me the same flavors.

The first third of this smoke was nice and smooth. The first few puffs seemed very mild with a slight spice on the pallet. I was surprised by this as many of my cohorts are more towards slightly stronger smokes, nonetheless I continued with my experience. Not far into the first third began the true flavor. I was greeted with a good tobacco flavor along with and a blast of pepper at the end. I also slightly sensed a hint of bitter chocolate. The burn was nice and even producing a strong tight dark gray ash. The smoke was plentiful and took on a sweet aroma intertwined with tobacco.

The second third stayed true to the flavor, not too much changed for me truthfully. The strength of this cigar was a strong medium-full body. The tobacco and chocolate stayed pretty much the same and the pepper was dominant, even at the finish.

The final third was just as good as the rest. At times it seemed there was a creamy finish trying to take the steam away from the pepper. This of course didn’t last long as the pepper stayed dominant. No trouble taking this down to the nub.

In my business consistency is the most important aspect. If the aim of Perdomo Cigars is such, they have done so with this cigar. An absolute delight from start to finish. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all!

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