Nomad Connecticut Fuerte Cigar Review

Nomad Connecticut

If you still haven’t gotten to know the superb company that is Nomad Cigar Company, I’m not sure why you still smoke cigars. Stop now, you’re not paying enough attention. Having smoked and enjoyed every cigar Fred has come out with, I was unsurprisingly anticipating smoking the Connecticut Fuerte. Add to the fact that this cigar was to add some kick to the light side of Connecticuts and my excitement grew more. Read on for my thoughts…


The Connecticut Fuerte is of course by Nomad Cigar Company and a member of, and distributed by the House of Emilio. If you’re looking for some, look no further, Cigar Fed Store. The cigar is composed of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Ecuadorian Habano binder, and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Construction & Pre Light;

The Connecticut Fuerte is a beautiful looking cigar. There are a few noticeable veins, and very faint wrapper seams. It is packed well and gives off a barnyard type aroma along with a faint sweet tobacco note. The foot gives some spice and wood. A straight cut to the cap yields a dry draw of sweet tobacco and nuts.


The Connecticut Fuerte started off with some delicious nutty notes accompanied  by a slight pepper spice. It gave a beautifully creamy sensation with just the right kick to it. Throughout the first third the nut and spice were present along with notes of wood and sweet tobacco here and there.

The second third brought the wood and sweet tobacco notes more to the forefront. The nutty notes were still present. The spice also kicked up a tad in this third. The creamy sensation also stayed in play adding such a tasteful accent to this already enjoyable cigar.

The final third saw the nutty notes and pepper stay as the dominant notes. The cream was still there but a little more faint. Nubbing this was a must and a pleasure.

Draw, Burn, and Ash;

The draw was absolutely phenomenal. A plentiful amount of smoke on each pull. Was never too tight or too loose.

The burn was as I’ve decided to deem it; “The Nomad Coefficient.” It was as splendid as most of the Nomads I’ve enjoyed. Just about razor-sharp from beginning to end.

The ash was as strong as they come, showing off the craftsmanship of this cigar. Stellar!


It’s no secret that Nomad Cigar Company has found the secret to success. I personally have been impressed with every offering in their portfolio. Fred’s cigars have made my top of the year lists and I doubt this will change. As for this cigar, it was absolutely splendid. It was a bit stronger than a normal Connecticut, but not terribly stronger. It definitely, in my humble opinion, is one of the best Connecticuts I’ve enjoyed. I’ve already placed a box purchase with the Cigar Federation Store as I see it becoming a normal smoke in my rotation. Usually when I think of a Connecticut, its reserved for morning or early afternoon. Not the case here. I see myself being able to enjoy it at any time of the day. The flavor throughout the cigar makes it an excellent experience and a compliment to Nomads already exceptional repertoire.

The Greek’s Scales of Justice;

Final Score;




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