Liga Privada T52 Toro By Drew Estate Cigar Review

Liga Privada T52

Recently I’ve realized that I’m missing reviews on the many cigars I’ve enjoyed by Drew Estate. I definitely need to remedy that, so here we go.  The subject of this review is the T52 Toro. Aside from these being the delicious cigars they are, they, along with most of the Ligas, are beautifully photogenic. I just had to shoot this one at night outside to flaunt the extensive amount of smoke that billows from the cigar. The photo may not even do it justice.

Background Info;

The Liga line is one of extremely unique ideas. The wrapper is a U.S. stalk cut Habano. The stalk cut, to my knowledge, is unique to Drew Estate, an innovative idea in the industry.  The filler is of Cuban seed Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran long-filler.

Construction and Pre-light;

The T52 is one gorgeous cigar to look at. A few veins run through it and the wrapper is on the oily side. The cigar feels packed well, offering no soft spots. A sniff of it offers some wood, cocoa, and spice. The foot gave me more of the same along with some tobacco notes. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw consisted of wood, cocoa, and sweet notes.


The first few puffs of the T52 offered notes of wood and cocoa, together forming a tasty profile to start. Later into the first third the notes of spice became more prominent adding a tang to the cigar. The spice left nice tang on the palate. At times I noticed some coffee and sweetness trying to make their way into the smoke but they were subtle at this point.

The second third kept true to the original flavors noted in the beginning. The wood, cocoa, and spice were all in abundance, and well balanced. In addition the second third added notes of coffee, and molasses to the profile,  pleasing additions as well, and the flavors I noticed at the end of the first third. The cigar to this point was one of excellent flavor.

The final third was a wood and spice finish. The coffee also was noticeable at times, yet not as prominent as before. The T52 is a tooth pick worthy cigar, and that’s exactly how I finished it.

Draw, Burn, and Ash;

The draw was amazing from start to finish. The smoke offered from puff to puff, and flowing from the cigar itself were outstanding. The ample amount of smoke also was aromatic as well, filling the room as would that of a scented candle.

The burn was almost perfect. I didn’t have to touch it up at all and not that it happened much, but if anything seemed to go wrong with the burn it corrected itself before it was noticeable.

The ash was exceptionally strong and held on for more than the first third of the cigar for me. It was almost white in color and not flaky at all.


Drew Estate, with especially the Liga Privada line, has forged itself in the industry with some of the most flavorful and unique cigars to date. The T52 was a spectacular journey of flavors in cocoa, coffee, wood, spice, and a molasses sweetness that leaves you wanting more and more. Most of the Liga line are hard to find so when I personally come across them I grab as many as possible. I also believe with some age the T52 will be a dynamite offering of the core flavors it delivers. I’m still on the prowl for some of the L40’s and have some Feral Pigs stashed away. Try them, you won’t regret it, I mean would the Greek steer you wrong?! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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