L’Atelier Imports LAT 46 Selection Speciale Cigar Review

LAT 46

Following a hard day’s work I look forward to going home, spending time with my family, and later spending time with my favorite cigars. There is nothing more relaxing. A recent gift from my friend Tim Kime, gave me the opportunity to try out the new offering from L’Atelier Imports, the LAT 46 Selection Speciale. Here are my thoughts…


The LAT 46 is similar in many respects to the original LAT release, although this time, using a higher primed Ecuadorian Sancti Spiritus wrapper presenting it darker in color, and also changing the flavor profile a bit. The binder and filler are both Nicaraguan. The cigar is manufactured at the My Fathers Cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Construction and Pre-Light;

The LAT 46 offers a beautiful looking oily dark wrapper, with small veins and some noticeable wrapper seams. The cigar is packed well with no soft spots detectable. Pre-light sniff offers wood notes, natural tobacco, and spice. The foot offers much of the same. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw offers wood, spice, coffee, and leather.


From a flavor standpoint the LAT 46 really shines with the addition of the higher primed wrapper.  The first third begins with some wood notes, and spice. Later into the first third I noticed the tea flavors familiar to me from the original release, and the tobacco notes have taken on a more sweet profile. Great beginning.

The second third kept more with the wood and spice and also some coffee notes present.  The sweet tobacco has also remained and at times seems to lean towards hints of chocolate. The tea notes seemed a little more subtle. Unique as the original thus far with more to offer.

The final third brought the leather front and center. The wood stayed in the profile, although all else had faded. The finish was absolutely smooth and one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.


This cigar is one for the books IMO. I wasted no time and ordered a box from Smoke Inn.  I was so into the LAT 46 that I almost, unknowingly, started burning into the first band. I became completely immersed in the flavors offered in this unique and tasty cigar. I have to check and see how limited a release it is because I’d love to have some to enjoy and some to age. Age I can only imagine will bring this cigar to another level, other than the one it already is on. Bravo to Pete and KC Johnson, and all involved in this cigar. It’s a sure winner, at least for the Greek. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

3 thoughts on “L’Atelier Imports LAT 46 Selection Speciale Cigar Review

  1. Sheryl King

    Good Morning Evan,
    That review was beautiful. Of course, it might have been too good, I am now in a jealous rage because you had such a wonderful cigar.


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