La Flor Dominicana Oro Tubo Natural 6 Cigar Review

LFD Oro Tubo Natural 6

Recently a purchase from landed me this beauty along with the Chisel and Maduro. Needless to say La Flor Dominicana has a reputation of great cigars and I’ve enjoyed my share. This however is my first review of an LFD on my site, not sure why, and I’m happy to write it.

Construction & Pre-Light;

The Oro Natural is a good size stick, measuring in at 6×54, It comes in a golden tube lined with a cedar strip. I personally have a lot of respect for this type of attention to a cigar, protecting it from any damage that could be sustained by the tube. The cigar had a nice look to it, very minimal veins and undetectable wrapper seams. A sniff offered some natural tobacco notes and a hint of wood. The foot gave tobacco and pepper. Straight cut to the cap and the dry draw gave tobacco, pepper, and a slight sweet note.


The Oro started off with emphasis on what I’ll call its core notes of natural tobacco and slight pepper, the pepper being  bit stronger on the retrohale rather than the palate. The first third kept up with the core flavors and also, a bit into it, the sweetness emerged. The sweet note was slight, but enough to add to the allure of this cigar. The sweetness reminded me of a caramel or toffee flavor.

The second third stayed with the tobacco and pepper. The sweetness was more here and there. Throughout this length of the Oro I also picked up some wood notes, a nice little addition.

The final third came back to its origins of tobacco and pepper. The wood and sweetness were gone. Taking the cigar to the nub was a pleasure, and a little more amped up in strength. Took it to the nub and enjoyed it all the way.

Draw, Burn, & Ash;

The draw was fantastic from foot to nub, no complaints here.

The burn through the first third and most of the second was great, not perfect but didn’t need any attention. In the end of the second third and through the final I did give a few touch ups. They were never needed because of any drastic burn issues, more here and there to keep  things even.

The ash was a lighter salt and pepper color. It held strong through each tap, no flaking.


The Oro Natural 6 was for me a great stick. Granted it wasn’t one of extreme evolution but rather a great focus on the core flavors in the blend.  I thoroughly enjoyed smoking this cigar and look forward to keeping some in my humidor. I also have on hand the Chisel and Maduro, and after the Natural I’m looking forward to see what’s in store! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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