Four Kicks Corona Gorda by The Crowned Heads Cigar Review

Four Kicks Corona Gorda

I know, I know I’m way late to the Four Kicks party. Being as my local B&M doesn’t stock these, I don’t know why, I’ve had to rely on gifts from people like my friends at The Casual Cigar, and finding them whilst on the road at other cigar shops and also through the internet. Suffice it to say, these will definitely hold a spot in my regular rotation. I had a hard time deciding whether I was going to write up the Corona Gorda or Seleccion No.5. I’ll be writing both in separate reviews, this one focusing on the Corona Gorda.


First I must say the Four Kicks story is one that I find impressive and admirable. If you’ve not read it I’d highly suggest you do. Here’s the link, no excuses! The story behind Four Kicks.  The cigar is manufactured in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera LaAlianza in conjunction with  E.P. Carillo, and how can you go wrong there?! It sports a Habano Ecuador wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

Construction and Pre-Light;

The Four Kicks Corona Gorda is a nice looking cigar with few minor veins and some visible wrapper seams, with a slight toothy look to it. The cigar is packed extremely well.  The pre-light smell is of some earth and sweet notes. The foot gave more earth, sweet notes, and some spice. Straight cut to the gorgeous cap and the dry draw yields some wood, earth, and spice.


The Four Kicks opens up with a generous amount of pepper accompanied by wood notes.  A bit into the first third and the pepper becomes a bit more mild but just the right amount to complement the cigar. More prominent now are the wood notes, and molasses. The combination of all flavors leaves a gorgeous feel and taste that can maybe be categorized as creamy or syrupy. A fabulous start to this experience.

The second third sees the wood become more of the main player in the profile, taking on an almost cedar flavor. The molasses is still very much in play with the pepper still evident especially through the nostrils. Some nutty notes were also in play that added so much more to this already amazing cigar. Towards the end of the second I also noticed some leather beginning to form. Good God does it get any better?

The final third was also one for the books. The wood, pepper, and leather were all in the mix offering one of the most impressive finishes I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. The addition of leather has taken this cigar to another level of enjoyment.  Absolutely no problem smoking this to the very nub and enjoying every last second.

Draw, Burn, and Ash;

No complaints in any department. The draw was exquisite from start to finish. The burn just about perfectly razor-sharp from foot to nub.  The ash as strong as they come yielding only to my tapping it into the ashtray.


It’s not too often that I find a cigar that I can suggest for any time of day, but the Four Kicks is one of those cigars. I see it pairing well with coffee in the morning, a nice sweet tea in the afternoon, a beer, or whatever your preference at night. My only complaint is that I waited way too long to jump on the Four Kicks wagon. A box purchase is a no brainer as I see more than one in my future. As a matter of fact the other window of my computer is on a site where I will secure at least one. I can’t say enough good things about this cigar. The flavors were a greatly balanced journey from beginning to end. This cigar will have a permanent spot in my rotation if not being one of the most smoked cigars I have. A big bravo from the Greek to the folks over at The Crowned Heads and of course to the master E.P. Carillo. A home run in every sense. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan


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