Ezra Zion Inception Cigar Review

A recent shipment from Mr. Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars included a medley of cigars that are soon to be hitting the market, along with a few that have. The Inception by Erza Zion Cigars, distributed by Emilio Cigars was among the other beautiful smokes. In watching the video introducing the company, http://youtu.be/uYdojozfj2s, it is said that the blend was worked on for a year, and it shows. It is promised that the cigar will deliver a ton of flavor and be enjoyable from foot to nub, it does.

The cigar was a pleasure to look at, a bit toothy with a few veins, but still a beautiful stick. The band is what really caught my eye, be it the colors, lettering, or just a combination of it all, I really like it. It gave the cigar a regal sort of look to it. The pre-light sniff gave off some hay, and earth tones. the foot offered more hay, a touch of spice, and some more earthy tones. A straight cut to the cap and the dry draw yielded hay, a certain sweetness, and again a hint of spice. Toasting the cigar was easy and soon I was puffing away.

The first third was the beginning of the promise, right away I was greeted with flavor. Earth and sweet hay dominated most of the first third, along with a mild pepper kicking in mostly towards the end. The flavors were at an absolutely excellent level all forming into a beautiful creamy finish. Thus far the cigar had delivered. The burn was just about perfect, creating a darker gray ash that held for at least 1-2 inches. the draw was fantastic delivering billowing smoke that was flavorful and aromatic.

The second third continued the pattern of flavor. The hay and earthy tones remained prominent, the hay taking on a more sweet sense in the profile,and the pepper still in the back of things and still mild. Aside from the flavors booming throughout the cigar, I was extremely pleased with the mildness of the pepper, it became such an essential part of the profile whereas it wasn’t overpowering but offered the right touch to enhance the other flavors. Somewhere towards the end of the second third the hay seemed to take on a more sweet grass taste, that again was up front and tasteful. The bur, ash, and draw remained as pleasing as before.

The final third mainly focused on the sweet grass and mild pepper, staying with the creamy finish. The flavors of this cigar were, as promised, from foot to nub. I cooked my fingers on this bad boy and was proud doing so. The cigar stayed cool and was an absolute joy to smoke.

Ezra Zion Cigar Company is one that will rise to the top should their blends continue what the Inception offered to me, a beautiful, flavorful, and well constructed smoke that can be enjoyed from foot to nub. I look forward to smoking more of these along with the Reagan which I will be sure to smoke very soon. It is no wonder to me why Emilio Cigars is backing these guys, it’s a sure winner, and box worthy. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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