Ezra Zion Honor Series Reagan Cigar Review

Ezra Zion Reagan

When a company first introduces itself into a market, it’s the smartest idea that your flagship offering is dynamite, something of the likes that keeps you name on people’s lips. Then there is Ezra Zion Cigars which introduces two cigars as their initial offerings and takes the game to a whole new level. If you’ve already read my review of the Inception, you know where this review is going. The gents at Ezra Zion decided on a tribute to President Ronald Reagan, if he were with us, he would be honored. Yes it’s that good of a cigar.

Construction of this cigar was some of the best you’ll find. Packed perfectly from foot to nub, this box-pressed beauty, exhibited no soft spots, one or two noticeable veins, and sports two of the most attractive bands, in my humble opinion, that I’ve seen. Pre-light sniff offered chocolate, coffee, and wood notes, the foot much of the same with a little extra sweetness to it. A straight cut to the cap with my trusty Xikar Xi1 brings a dry draw of chocolate, slightest hint of spice, and coffee. Easy toasting with my Xikar EX and we’re into the cigar.

The first third can be summed up as amazing. I was treated to chocolate and coffee right off the bat. Along with these notes were flavors of sweetness, almost sugar cane, and a delicious creamy finish. I’m not even sure I possess the literary talent to explain to you how much the first third was, for lack of a better word, fascinating. The burn was almost perfect ending in a darker gray ash that, at one point, afforded me the fun of a cigar stand. The draw was excellent sending smoke at the most ample level and wonderfully aromatic. Funny thing is, it’s only just begun…

The second third was as impressive as the first. A new addition of flavor added to the profile was a dashing of oak. At times I also sensed a sweet grassy note trying to pull through, something I’ll need to investigate further when I get more. The flavors were all in a medley of deliciousness and commanding my absolute attention. I couldn’t accept the fact that I was this far into the cigar knowing that it would end in a bit.

The final third saw a transition in the fact that the chocolate and coffee subsided a bit, the focus was more of the oak, spice, and creamy finish. I had to give a touch up at this point, which didn’t bother me in the least. The cigar was cool to the nub, and yet again I end with toasted fingers.

As noted in my previous review, this line is distributed by Emilio Cigars and as I’ve said you can see why. The gents at Ezra Zion have two absolute winners here, and, spoiler alert, both will be in my top 25 for 2012. It was an absolutely splendid cigar to smoke, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. As I understand they are to be limited, and given their attention to quality, one can understand. So what I mean is if you see them BUY THEM. You will not be disappointed. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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