Emilio Cigars La Musa Mousa Cigar Review

Many of you have probably enjoyed this cigar under it’s former banding, Grimalkin, so I realize that this review may not be exactly “necessary.” I however, haven’t had the chance until Mr. Gary Griffith sent me this beauty along with some others. Also, in all truth, my website says it all, how am I not going to review a cigar with a Greek theme?!

The cigar is an absolute beauty to look at. A few small veins, but nothing really intrusive, and packed well. The pre-light sniff offered up a hint of cocoa, and earth. The foot yielded more cocoa, earth, and spice. A straight cut to the triple cap and the dry draw brings spice and earth. Toasting this beauty was a cinch and soon smoke was billowing.

The initial offering in the first few puffs were of a good amount of pepper. I was surprised at the amount, don’t get me wrong nothing overpowering, but it was the most prevalent note in the first few puffs. When the cigar entered a little more into the first third I was greeted with a lovely addition of cocoa, earth, and a hint of wood notes. Flavorful indeed. The burn was just about perfection, revealing a salt and pepper ash which held tightly. The draw was excellent providing a billowing smoke that left a tingle on the palate.

The second third became more about the cocoa yielding a certain sweetness in the cigar. The earth and wood notes still keys in the profile, and the pepper saved for the finish. The mix of sweetness and pepper had me in awe of the cigar, which really pulled the profile off well. A bit into the second third I believe I was noticing some cinnamon or other spice, thankfully I have another one of these babies resting for a follow up. The draw, burn, and ash were as perfect as the beginning and stayed so throughout the smoke.

The final third amped up the strength a bit and gave more emphasis on the pepper and woods notes. It was a great end to a thoroughly enjoyable smoke. Cool to the nub, burnt fingers again.

Once again the fine people at Emilio Cigars prove that they know their stuff. I have throughout the year enjoyed many of their offerings and look forward to 2013. These are another box worthy smoke from this great company. As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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