E.P. Carrillo Core Line Natural #4 Review

I had an unexpected trip to New York Tuesday. Luckily for me it was a chance to stop at a place in Brooklyn called The Humidor. Apart from my favorite local B&M I love the chance to see places outside of my home area, and this place is a great little spot. If you’re in the area I’d suggest a smoke there. They also had a great selection of Carrillos of which my place doesn’t carry. The Natural was a first for me, and the beginning of a great relationship.

The construction of the cigar was superb. No soft spots, no holes, a beautiful dark brown wrapper, and minimal to no veins that I could see. The pre light offers up a good tobacco smell and at the foot a slight spice. Time to cut, toast, and smoke this beauty.

The first few puffs presented a beautifully refreshing creamy textured smoke, and a hint of spice. Somewhere into the first third the creamy taste fades and gives way to spice, some woodsy flavors, and some toasted nutty sensations. I was really intrigued now and couldn’t wait to keep smoking. The ash was a nice white color, holding razor sharp for about two inches. The draw, absolutely flawless, producing ample aromatic smoke.

The second third seemed to give the spice a break, not completely fading it out, but blending it perfectly with the other flavors. The woods and nuts are more on the forefront wand leaving a beautiful finish. The ash, as razor sharp as the beginning, and the draw just as perfect.

The final third brought back a hint of the creaminess sensed in the beginning. The spice amped up a bit and the woods and nuts are stil the main contenters. Taking this to the nub was both a pleasure and a little depressing because I knew it was the end of this divine smoking experience.

My hat is off to the Carrillos for this delicious offering. A box of these is a guaranteed addition to my humidor family without a doubt. If you haven’t, please try the soon! As always I thank you for reading and long ashes to all! -Evan

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